Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Probably Not Until Monday...

 So, the family and I are going to the fair tomorrow, and then it's Labor Day weekend. I wanted to post something quick just because. Plus, I found a good picture. :D

I do have a lot of posts planned, I just never get around to posting them. They are typed up, but I just can't get to posting them. Oh, I know. I am lazy. But I will see you all later. Until then, enjoy this picture, and enjoy your weekend.

How to infuriate nerds from every fandom all at once...

"How to infuriate nerds from every fandom all at once..."

Until later, 

I bid you goodbye.



  1. On the other hand, some fans cackle with delight when they see these, instead of flying into a rage. I'm one of those fans. XP

    In Pace Christi,


    1. Oh! I read the whole thing and then laughed hysterically and then blogged it...I wasn't angry. In fact, I thought it quite clever that someone did this.

      Oh the thinks the internet thinks!

      Have a good evening!

    2. It seems as though I haven't technically clicked "reply" to some comments. I just commented. So does that mean that no one knows I replied? Oh noes!

      I am going to start paying attention some day. xD