Monday, July 30, 2012

Don't stop believin'--Journey.

 Hello blogging world,

  I was so tempted to download that song this morning. Singing in my head. "Don't stop believing!" At the top of my lungs. Instead, I got Blown Away, by Carrie Underwood. I heard the beginning of it yesterday on the radio. And last evening, I saw the trailer for the music video, and I was, as they say, Blown Away. I seriously got chills. It was that cool!

 My weekend, ever since Thursday, was a loooong one. Sadly enough, it all ends tomorrow. A couple long-lost Aunts and Uncles came out. We had our family reunion. My sister and I made 135 cupcakes because 200 was too much last year...I learned that I can recognize Dustin Hoffman by just seeing his forehead and hair...Dustin Hoffman is awesome.

 Anyway, I also learned that I can draw a chibi Naruto. And that I cannot do a good chibi Kakashi. Master Guy is as weird as Rock Lee, and I really don't like them? Yeah.  See here? Hehe.

Respect laws please.

I have a lot to do on the Baked Goodies page. There is a whole bunch of new recipes and and pictures for Cupcakes that I need to put up.

Two days ago I helped Seven To Seven Seamstress at a local market. It was fun. I won a silent auction. When I get the picture loaded to my puter, I will post it. Also, I bought a fairy necklace. It's really really pretty. I will get that here as soon as I can as well.


Sunday, July 22, 2012


 I am easily impressed...But I have the patience of a dead snail. Which isn't much... I guess my "Fail Wail" was so loud that a guy on a bike outside turned to um...wonder what it was... Ehe...I am sorry guy-on-the bike...I have been trying to find a video of Hatake Kakashi's English dubbed voice. I heard him say three things in the one video I did find. It was some clip and Guy all over reacted when Kakashi didn't hear what he said. I have read the 4 first Naruto Mangas and Kakashi is my favorite character by far. So I was trying to see if the voices in the anime work with his character. I couldn't really hear the Japanese voice since it goes so fast...I think what I did hear of the dubbed one worked for him. I absolutely adore his attitude. That's why he's my favorite.

 Of course Sai is still basically my favorite from Shippuden. But now I have 2 favorite characters. I also now know why when you find a Chibi picture of Gaara, there is a heart on his head instead of his tattoo. The tattoo means 'love.' I love this manga/anime stuff. TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY.

 I guess I am going to go see who wins the Next Food Network Star. I am pretty sure that is is the last one. Martita is gone so I really have no reason to watch it...But if I had to choose one to win, it would be Yvan. Ye...

~Natsu. ♥

Friday, July 20, 2012

Bored. Honestly.

 It is almost 10pm. It's not unusual that I am not asleep by now. I guess I am like one of those masked night-creatures...Oh yeah, Raccoons.

 Today I went to the library-gosh, I love that place--and I got two more books from Tamera Alexander. I had recently finished Beyond this Moment. Wonderful, extremely wonderful. I loved it. The Sheriff was my favorite character. Heh... Honestly I didn't think that I would find an author that I liked as much as I like Karen Witemeyer. But Tamera is GREAT! I love these books.

 On the topic of books, I was actually thinking about starting a book blog. Where I can post my thoughts about the books I read. Maybe that's a fall project..

  A few interesting things I found this week. The OVER music video, and the new trailer for Disney's new movie 'OZ'--which by the way, looks COMPLETELY amazing! The producers are the same from Alice in Wonderland. It has been made pretty clear that I LOVED that movie--I can't wait to see OZ.

  Here are Blake and Oz...
  I was watching the trailer, with a quizzical mind-set. (If that makes any sense.) I had seen that actor before. Turns out, after brain wracking and finally Googling it, I learned that the actor is James Franco   I only really know him from The Spider-Man movies as Harry Osbourn. Which, I think is cool because he could be Harry OZbourn..THE GREAT AND POWERFUL! That's me being..ADORKABLE. (Heard that term on Jeopardy! and I said, "That's me!" LOL.)  I am glad that they decided to go with another actor and not Johnny Depp. I have NO problem with Johhny, but I think it would seem too...Mad Hatter-y? It's good to give others a shot.

 The side of his face reminded me of Micheal Keaton though. But then again, everyone reminds me of Micheal Keaton. That and Jim-Bob Walton. Everyone remind me of both. Either really...Which reminds me, looking through things to watch on tv, I clicked by the SYFY channel and instantly yelled Micheal's name. It was him in the end. It's pretty easy to recognize him after watching Jack Frost every Christmas...The movie was called 'White Noise'--or something to that affect--I didn't stick around though, I wish I did. It looked...creepily cool.

  I didn't expect this to go on as long as it did. I have dug through yet another Naruto Manga...Awesome stuff. Kakashi gets cooler and cooler, and more strange, every time I see him. I though my favorite character was Sai...Hummm.....

 Goodnight to those in the BLOGOSHPERE!

 You'r now tired-of-typing, book reading, movie watching, anime reading,


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's just a wee sheep stomach!

  I am not gonna bash haggis. Is that how you spell it? Well, I have never tasted it. My guess is that it has the taste/texture of stuffed cabbage. Or un-stuffed cabbage...I don't really know. The internet says it a pudding. But I would be willing to try it. Maybe a bite of it... ;)

 While on my walk this morning, I came maybe four feet away from a mum turkey and her baby. At first I thought the little one was a bunny, but it was a tiny little turkey. I walk/run through a more wooded area, so I guess I should have expected it. But it was a interesting surprise. Scared me out of my mind. The mother ran  the other way like the wind, and the baby kinda looked around. A what am I supposed to do now? look on her (lets assume it's a girl) face.

 My Naruto quest started today also. With the first magna.

'Questpad' for notes. :D

I hope ya'll have had a good week so far. 


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Don't attend your own funeral as a guy named Phil Shifley.

 So, besides the pain in my..whole has been pretty good. Considering that is is only 9:11am.  I have this new mind set thing assuring me that running/walking is good for you. I believe it is. But it has been 2 days and I just hurt. I'm just somewhat lazy when it comes to exercise. I'll give it a couple of months before I start to bad-mouth it. Heh. Although I can wake up now at 6 and not feel like crud the whole day. Before, I woke up at 8 and felt like crud all day. I am actually not as tired now. 

 Searching on the library website because I finally got the courage to start the Naruto series. I have seen a couple of episodes here and there, but if you asked me about anything that happened in the first season--episodes NOT being from Shippuden--I wouldn't be able to answer them. Yes. That is how lame my anime is at this point. But it seems that the box sets of the first season have a bajillion hold on 2 that they have. So I will have to wait. UGH. Haha. That will give me time to catch up on The Lord of The Rings trilogy. Yay.

Don't be fooled by the first image. The zombies are only in the end. I am not really into zombies, but I like how the commercial goes from bad to worse. :)


Sunday, July 15, 2012

My fate was changed because I was BRAVE.

    Yesterday my Dad took some of the family to the theaters to see Disney/Pixar's Brave. That was my first time in a movie theater, so it was very exciting. It was a lot bigger and quieter than I thought it would be. We had to walk through a few halls that were completely covered with carpeting. It was dark except for some lights here and there. I felt like I was in NCIS, on my way to go get questioned for something I didn't do. ;)

  As for BRAVE...It was AMAZING! The animation was awesome. The music was awesome. Merida's HAIR was AWESOME! The wet hair and wet fabric was awesome. The story was good. The fighting sequences were a lot more intense then what I am used to seeing from Pixar. But it was enjoyable and I have to admit that I did jump a couple times during the bears' kerfuffle. Everything was very enjoyable. There where only like 2 parts that were kinda awkward for reasons I would rather not um...I had heard that the humor was much like Dreamworks. And it was...Pixar OUTDID itself on Brave. The scenery, animation, characters, everything. Loved it and I would TOTALLY recommend it. Good family movie. I think that I will end up getting the DVD and memorizing every line WITH the accents. ♥

  We tried to come up with a moral to the story. Came up with, "Don't trust a witch," and, "Don't turn you mum into a bear." 

 Afterwards we went and had Linner, or Lupper, or Dunch or Dupper, or whatever you call Lunch/Dinner, at Pizza Hut. That was--as far as I can remember--my first time there as well! The pizza was really good. And the setting was all brick and black and white checkered table clothes. Very classy.

 All in all, it was a very good day. Near the end of it I got gut-rot on Whoppers. Those things are like seriously addicting. The malted stuff inside makes them very filling.

 Well, there are CHRISTMAS movies on the Hallmark channel which is awesome...and I need to do research on the history of Idaho...That should be fun. Heh.

 Have a good, muggy, weekend.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

OVER still continues to stay but GUESS WHAT?

 OVER by Blake Shelton.  It's a great song. A great come-back single from, Drink on It. I honestly don't like that song very much. OVER is wonderful though. :D

 Anyway, yesterday I got my...NEW COMPUTER!!!

I couldn't be more excited if you handed me a bucket of kittens and said KEEP THEM ALL!!!  It is a HP laptop with Windows 7.  That's all I really know at this point. But I got it at Walmart and it's really really good.

That's all I got at this point. Besides this!

The greatest thing ever right? I don't know who made it but it's really cute! I will someday find out how to make pictures move. WOO!

Until my brain can work again...

~Natsu ♥

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I need a nap at 9:50pm.

  I don't know if it is just me, but every time, I mean every time I hear Josh Groban sing, I get goosebumps. He is seriously that good. I love his take on "You Raise me Up." I thought Il Divo sung that beautifully...They both do a seriously spectacular job. Amazing.

Pearls Before Swine

This was also totally awesome. 

 And if all goes well, Saturday I shall begin my Computer buying quest! I am thinking about going to a Best-Buy store and seeing what they have.

 It's really muggy here. So I should go for now. But wasn't this weeks' Duets AMAZING! 


Monday, July 9, 2012

A NCIS funk.

  I was watching NCIS. And the one I was watching, Gibbs had a mustache. I couldn't decide whether he looked better or worse in it. So I am gonna post 2 pics and then open a poll for a while. Let's see what other people think.  And I while I am at it, why not share some pics I found on the Google Image search?

 KAY SO, Gibbs with and without: Observe:



 Yeah, I guess he looks a little strange. And I have decided now. No mustache is better for me. LOL.

And while I was looking I found these!

     Ducky, Gibbs, and Palmer look the best. Abby and Tim are really cute though. Heh. I wonder what Ziva looks like chibi... :D Nice thought I think...

And one more. Because a picture says a thousand words. But a MOTIVATIONAL POSTER says like, the thousand words and then whatever words happen to be on it... Still, I love this one. WOO. LOL. Totally Classic.

Well, it is only Monday and it has already been a long week. That or my schedule just looks long...

The weekend was good. Had a lot of fun with friends and family...

Goodnight to those who have not already eaten Breakfast. :)

May the force be with you. 

~ (A very sleepy) Natsu ♥

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Daily Double--100th post!

 I just KNEW that my hours of screaming 'JOHNNY DEPP!!!' at the tv at the top of my lungs would pay off. I got an an answer right last night on Jeopardy! But it was an easy question. I seriously don't yell at the telly...I was just kicking this off with something silly. Hah.

   And now for the.....

Fairly Odd Parents? Yeah. SURE.

So, I hope that you're Fourth Of July week/weekend went well. Its so blasted hot here. Excuse my language, but if I said bloody, I would sound to much like a pirate. Today I am not a pirate. That was a yesterday thing.

Catch the Duets last night? On ABC? Apparently Kelly is blonde. Oh, Demi preformed this morning on Good Morning America and she is blonde too! And I wonder why I am not blonde as well. LOL. I think Kelly looks nice blonde...

100th!! POST! 
I found this yesterday and it was wonderful :')

I can't wait until Hunter tours on his own. Opening for Carrie Underwood is awesome though...

That's about it. I went to the library again and got a bunch of Beverly Lewis books. I am currently reading an Amish fiction called 'Paradise Valley' by Dale Cramer. It's good so far. Being around modern day Amish, the stories--even if they are fiction--that take place in 1922 are really neat.


Monday, July 2, 2012


Who's all ready for the Force Of July Star Wars thing on Spike?!?! Yeah!

Anyway, I was playing Bejeweled and thinking. Every time I see the music video for Over You, people around be ask what the horse is for. And this is what I came up with.

 Okay. So in the beginning there are two boys. Chasing each other around the tree. Then when they go around again, one of them vanishes and then the horse shows up. I know that the song is about a deceased relative of Blake Shelton...My guess is that the horse represents either him or the little boy in the beginning.

That or they just wanted to work with the circus horse. I heard something about it on the radio once. I think the horse really pulled it all together theme wise. With the black lace, the snow, the Victrola phonograph thing, the umbrella (which I personally thought was AWESOME), and basically the song. It worked. It was awesome.