Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fantastic Merlin Videos.

 Morning, morning everyone. Now, as it is still around 6am (screams in horror at this unearthly time of day) I am allowed to YouTube things as much as I want and the bandwidths will not go down! xD So, I thought I would look up Merlin Music Video things and see if I could find some really great ones.

 Well, as Pinterest would have it, I did find some good ones! And here they are!

This one was really, really awesome. I had never had the chance to see Merlin ones, but I know what a well-done video looks like. And I thought this one was really great.

It makes me realize what a sad, sad show this is. There are bits and pieces of it that are funny as ever, but then there are the emotional bits...And it doesn't help the fact that the actors and actresses are SO GOOD AT THEIR JOBS!

I am pretty sure the song on this one is, "I'm Still Here." From what the comments and such said, I think it's from Treasure Planet. I remember that movie. That was great. The song is a perfect fit for the show.

The song in this one is called "Angel With a Shotgun," if my memory is correct. I have never heard this song before, but I thought it fit the video very well. This was a great video too, and I like how the explosions match with the music.

Wow. So, this was probably, maybe worse than the Sherlock "Hanging Tree" video. Wow.

Apparently that song was by someone named Annie Lennox and it's called, "Into The West." So...after hearing that song twice, it is now my new favorite song. I found a LoTR Tribute video. AMAZING. But I have to stop going in that direction, or this would end up full of LoTR things... ^.^

This is the last one I have for today. It's a little mushy, but I liked it anyway. Merlin and Freya were all so sad...ugh.

Well, that's all I have for now. If I can help it, there should be more around soon. :D

Now, I have to go to school.

Have a great day.


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  1. Oh, pretty! And I know all of these songs! (I was introduced to 'Angel With a Shotgun' from a Razaya tribute from Green Lantern: Animated Series. Great song!) 'Into The West' is another one of my favorites; I have it memorized on the piano. Except sometimes I have to try not to cry in the middle of it when I really think about what it means...

    In Pace Christi,