Thursday, June 27, 2013

And then there was Robin's wedding...

 I found this on Youtube a short time after I had watched it again tonight. (I was watching the extras--we save those for last.)  There is a few heartbeats of emotion on Guy's face when he sticks the sword into Marian, and it's just heartbreaking to watch. Basically, the whole rest of the episode was heartbreaking to see.

At first, it was like, come on, she's Marian, she's not gonna die. As it so happens, she does go and then we have to deal with the heartbroken gang and worse, a crying Robin.

But the end is so beautiful. I love how they got married before she passed. I think, that even though it did end that way, they did it in such a way that it was just something good rather than losing a loved character. It was a nice season 2 finale.


I know that I have already posted a rant on and on about this, but I had wanted to post the video with it as well. Fact is, I didn't have the time to look for it then and the post was already really packed with whining so I didn't include it.

So there we are, I hope the video works.

Have a good evening, because I will be crying.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thank You Cassandra Clare.

Dear Cassandra Clare,

 Thank you so much for not killing off dear James Carstairs.

When I read the sentence, "Jem was dead," my reaction was just like Will's.

"I felt you die."

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you forever.



 OKAY SO! Heheeehehehehhahahahahaheheheheheheheheehehehehehhee.


Seriously, I have never fangirled this hard on my blog before, but this picture had to be posted. I don't care about merciless teasing from my brother. I DON'T CARE. I LOVE IT.

It is called, "The Long-Expected (or Threatened) Aidan & Dean Post."

This picture is amazing...The comment under it is everything in its truest form:

I think I've given up trying not to fangirl about this guy. I'm just trying to be more discreet about it. He makes it too easy! He just has the best smile. You want to laugh with him. It's adorable. It doesn't get any simpler than that.

Aidan...Hehe. And then Dean is here too:

I am not going to totally rip off her post...Just a couple pictures...♥

Okay, then, I need to go compose myself. It's just like a gigglefest over here and I loved all the pictures..

Actually, Adian is going to be in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Movie. I haven't read the Mortal Instruments, but I have read the Infernal Devices trilogy. He is going to be Luke Garroway. I have just read that he is a werewolf in the movie. And Luke was a Shadowhunter...and my experience with Shadowhunters...Well, Adian will do a perfect job. :) I mean, William Herondale and James Carstair...well, yeah. YOU GO ADIAN! 

Okay, I am done now I guess. 



May I just Rant On?

 ****SPOILERS AHEAD Concerning BBC’s Robin Hood****

Guy of gisborne photo SirGuy1.jpg

 Okay, out of all the things Gisborne has done, he has somehow stayed on my list of the top 3 favorite characters of the show. I always sat down to watch the show with the mindset that he maybe he would change in this episode. Maybe he would finally defeat the Sheriff or give up his lust for power or something. I had hoped that he would somehow become good…But now, even though he still continues to be on the favorite list (and I blame this on the fact that I think Richard Armitage is Bloody awesome) Gisborne did something in the last episode of the second season that I don’t think I can overlook. He killed Marian.

 Starting from the beginning of my story, Robin Hood has quickly become a favorite show. The beginning of the first episode was a little weird, but it doesn't stay like that. The show gradually gets better and better. The characters grow immensely as the seasons play out. I know I am terribly late, seeing as though this show came out in 2006 and finished in 2009, but we needed a new BBC show after Merlin ended. That may sound a little dramatic, but there is really nothing on American TV (drama-wise) that is any good. So do you see my point?

Anyway, so we ripped through the first season.  In the first couple episodes, the editing was a bit choppy, bouncing from scene to scene and the like, but it got better. I mean, I don’t really know that much about editing, but I know when it doesn't work. But that leaves during the middle of the first season. Since then, the editing has been fine. The costumes we thought were a bit weak until we watched the behind the scenes. That is where the costume designer explained that they were going for a more modern look. They wanted the costumes to be something that the modern kids nowadays would maybe like to wear. Honestly, if I was able to pull the dresses off as amazing as Marian did, I would only wear those. (Save for the times I would wear Susan’s Narnian dresses and ANYTHING that Arwen wore.) But then we (we being my sister and myself, of course) were nodding our heads, “Yeah.” When they explained that the costumes were supposed to be more modern and more like the clothes people wear today, it totally worked. And we saw it. It worked completely.

The characters are awesome. Much, Will, Djaq*, Allen, John, and of course Robin Hood, make the perfect team. In the beginning, it was only Much and Robin coming back from the war in the Holy Land. As the first season progresses, we see the gang begin to form. We meet Will Scarlet pretty early on, and we see Allen A Dale in the first episode. He was running away from guards, if I can remember that correctly. Robin basically saved his life. Sister and I figured out a system with their gang. If one dies, another will soon come to take its place. That’s how Djaq came in. I cannot believe how amazing she looked in season 2. Don’t take it as me being weird, but she was kick-butt! Amazing!

 I could go on and on about the characters, they are all greatly written. I don’t like the Sheriff, but he’s the villain, so I don’t know if you are really supposed to like villains or not. I saw this thing on Pinterest, it was the Genie from Disney’s Aladdin and the words were, “Villains are EVIL.” Then it was like, “Unless they are…” we all pretty much could guess where that goes. And he finished with, “They’re just misunderstood.” And that pretty much goes for Gisborne I guess. Eheheh.

I am done talking about the show itself. It’s amazing and we went through the first two seasons really quickly. Obviously, we don’t understand the idea of pacing ourselves. It was a bit sad learning that there were only three seasons, but after certain characters go, the story can only go so far. I am pretty sure that I caught the name of one of the writers that worked on Merlin on one of the credits in the beginning of Robin Hood. I think it was Julian Jones, but I am not sure. Again, the story can only go so far. It’s better having 3 seasons of a well-written show than having 7 weak seasons with a watered down story. Much like, well, any Sit-Com on Disney Channel. Bleh. Those don’t even have stories really…That’s Sit Coms for you.

But I came here for my real rant, so here it goes. I applaud you if you made it this far. :)

 Gisborne had always been a bit hard on the outside. We did catch bits of pieces of him showing actual emotion. Examples being when he was scared for Marian or when she said something that brought a little bit of relief to his mind. We go on and he is trying to get her to marry him. Everyone knows that she was Robin Hood’s from the beginning, and I don’t disagree with this, even though I kind of had hope for Guy and Marian. But Robin and Marian were so perfect together, so it’s okay to crush my dreams. Haha.
 Anyway, he did get a little better, but then there were the things he did. I understand Marian’s reasons because, that kind of stuff just doesn't get easily forgiven.



v  He burned her house to the ground. On orders of the Sheriff, however, and he did say that he would take it back if he could. Marian and her ill father Edward were under house-arrest at the castle and Edward was living in the dungeon...My point still stands. He could have chosen to defy the Sheriff and he could have chosen against burning the house. Fact is, he didn't.

v  He stabbed her. Which wasn't really his fault because he didn't know it was her. Marian was being the Night Watchman and Guy was just trying to get him. Now that I think about it, basically everything he did was on orders of the Sheriff. His goal was to get power and wealth so he could show Marian that he could provide for her.  Marian ended up surviving this only because Djaq was able to fix her up. That episode was awful. It’s worse seeing Jonas Armstrong (Robin) crying than it was seeing Colin Morgan (Merlin) cry. And that’s horrible seeing Merlin cry. Seeing Robin and Marian was like watching Merlin and Freya all over again. OH THE HORRIBLE SADNESS. THE FEELS

And then there is just the fact that Gisborne is mean and demanding. Overall, he was a pretty good Villain/trying not to be a villain character. And he is still pretty good. But I Could. Not. Believe. That he would kill Marian. Not in a thousand years. He had tried so hard to win her heart—and he did get to the point where he almost married her…but she left him at the altar.

 I honestly screamed, and forgive my English, WHAT THE BLOODY HECK WAS THAT!!?????

It was unbelievable that he would actually take her life. He had saved it once before. When he found that she was the Night Watchman.  The penalty for that—because it was basically what Robin’s gang did, steal from the rich to feed the poor—was death. But Guy didn't want her to die. So he had Allen (who was on his team by then) pose as the Watchman so that she didn't have to die. The Night Watchman just “escaped.”

 I suppose that’s the end of my rant. Mother says not to get sad over the deaths of characters, but I cannot help it. IT WAS MARIAN.

*This was only about the characters, not the actors; all of the actors were amazing. ~wink~
You are so amazing Richard Armitage. ♥

Thank you.


--Updated two days later--*It's actually spelled "Djaq." I had wrongly assumed that it was spelled Jack, and for this I apologize. It has, however, been fixed. :)


Hello, I am back. I am sorry for the lack of posts, but somehow, I just haven’t been in the mood to blog. I haven’t been on the computer much at all. I joined a summer reading program (2 actually) at the library and I have been, you guessed it, reading.

 Besides that, I have been writing like, all the time. I have been trying to get somewhere in my character development and plot. It’s hard when I am trying to drive the plot when there is really no villain. I mean, he began as a villain type, but I decided against it. I don’t know how mentally stable he is going to be, but everything he does, he believes that it is good. So, I don’t think that’s really being a villain so to speak.

I have been staying up until midnight working on these types of things. I listen to the soundtrack The Phantom of the Opera until I know every pitch and every word. I have gotten pretty good at “Think of Me” in both ways that it was sung: with Carlotta and her soprano and accent and then with Christine and her high notes and softer, less overpowering voice. I love The Phantom of the Opera. It was pretty late when I first saw it. It was on a PBS station, the Broadway performance. It started at 10pm and I was up pretty late watching it. I thought it was amazing. So, after months pass and such, my sister gets the movie version from the library. I watched that twice.  The Phantom is portrayed by Gerard Butler, I believe. And I am still thinking whether Raoul’s actor sung better than Gerard…I don’t know yet.

Yeah, it is a little creepy, the whole thing, but I think it’s awesome. If you listen to the lyrics real close-like, you get a better picture of the Phantom and what he is trying to get. I read a comment on the internet somewhere that it was a bit, uh…stalkerish, I think that’s what it said. Yeah, maybe, but not in a creepy, "I look at your Facebook page every 6 minutes creepy." That was an example…I don’t really know anyone that does that, and I myself is not on the Book of Faces…so…

It’s a different kind of stalking. One brought on by loneliness and love and a tortured childhood.

So there.

 I also have been listening to other things, like different movie soundtracks and just music in general. I have been trying to listen to a wide range of music. I found out today that there is like a secret, non-existent track 13 on One Republic’s Dreaming Out Loud album. It’s basically just a jazzed up version of track 4, Apologize.

I have listened to The Hunger Games soundtrack, and that was pretty good. All of the songs just screamed Panem, District 12, the Games…everything. And the Civil Wars are on there, so really, that's a no brainer. The only one I didn't really like—and that’s mostly because I am not into the beat box, rock and roll, blow your eardrums out music—was The Ruler and The Killer by Kid Cudi. I liked the Maroon 5 song on the album, Come Away to the Water. That was cool.

I have also been trying out stuff like Jason Mraz and Owl City. I couldn't believe how much I was digging Owl City’s All Things Bright and Beautiful album. That was amazing! I wanted to dance so badly!! :D Out of the Jason Mraz stuff, I have only listened to Love is a Four Lettered Word. That was a good album. 


That’s about it.

I finished reading “The Looking Glass Wars” and I have found out that there is a screenplay in the works for 

it. SO YAY! It was a really good book. Really good.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

When Will Turner meet Legolas.

AH.....I can only laugh at Will and Mr. Gibb's faces....

And Legolas is looking all cool and stuff.



Friday, June 14, 2013


I saw the trailer for The Desolation of was EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC...but I have one note...

This man. Doesn't he look like William Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean?

I know, it's a horrible screenshot, but the video was going to fast, and any other time I paused it, he was making a stupid face because he was talking.

Well, Captain Jack Sparrow is there

Anyway, onto other things, it looks like we are going to see waaaaaaay more Elves. Which is awesome, because I really enjoyed the Elves in the LoTR movies. Their outfits are amazing!

Then, the colors are INCREDIBLE! The browns and the blues (did you see those butterflies?!) The greens are awesome...overwhelmingly awesome colors...

And of course, Thorin is there. So...will we have him smile at all? I noticed that about Sir Guy of Gisborne as well. Those characters DO NOT SMILE. Okay, so Guy smiles sometimes...but it's more of  a haha, I win, you are all going to die at the Sheriffs hand and yada yada. I am better than all of you.
It's actually more of a smirk than anything...a smirk. Not a smile. BUT that wasn't the point...

Then, there is the dragon. We didn't see much, but the animation looks pretty epic. The animation in all of this trailer looked epic. It was epic in the first Hobbit movie. The orcs never looked better...The hedgehog that Radagast saved was epic. And it just keeps getting better.

But I have seen Computer Generated dragons before. Once, actually.

John Hurt voiced the dragon on Merin. 
The animation on that show wasn't very great in the begining, but as the series progressed, it got better. So, I believe that the animation--in this movie rather than in a show-- is going to be epic.

Other things...There are a ton of new locations, and the camera angles are incredible.

I believe I have said enough.

Oh yay.


Catching Fire is NOT the Hunger Games 2!

(It's called Catching Fire. It is the sequel to the Hunger Games, but it is not called The Hunger Games 2.)

Last Friday I finished reading Suzanne Collin’s Catching Fire. Overall, it was pretty good. Much like the Hunger Games, it was fast paced and the story kept going. We got to see deeper into people’s real stories and how wicked the President really is.

I was surprised that they had to go back in the Arena for the Quarter Quell. I had not expected that at all. I kind of felt bad for Katniss; she had to work so hard to get out of the Hunger Games with her heart still beating, and then she is the only female tribute in District 12 that had won. So, she didn’t have a choice in the matter whether or not she wanted to be in the Quarter Quell.

This year was different. Instead of just picking (during the Reaping) like they did last year, the Tributes were picked from the previous winners of the Hunger Games for the Quarter Quell. (Which I believe is the 75th Annual Hunger Games.) The plan was, this time, to keep Peeta alive. Whereas in the first book—as Haymitch explains—the goal was to keep Katniss alive. They had decided that if Haymitch was chosen, (Peeta and Haymitch are the only male winners in District 12) Peeta would volunteer. That’s what happened. I believe that if Haymitch were to go back into the arena, he might have had a chance of winning. He is very smart, despite the person he plays towards everyone. And he did kind of win the Games once...I learned that he drinks because he is trying to get rid of the pain and memories that the Hunger Games brought him. Which makes sense to me; I wouldn't want to remember it either. I don’t know if I would go towards the spirits or other things that numb out the pain…I would probably end of going to a guidance counselor every Thursday and then write a couple novels about it.

Anyway, the characters that we see in the Quarter Quell are unlike the ones in the original Hunger Games. These tributes are much more…seasoned would be the word. As I said, each of them already survived the Games. So they had already gone through it once and know what to expect.

In the Hunger Games, the first novel, all the people that were in the games were children. I think the age range runs from 8-18, although I am not sure. But in this Quarter Quell, everyone is much older. And besides Peeta and Katniss, Finnick is really the only one that is closer to their age.

I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t read it, but the arena was COMPLETELY different from the wooden area last year. It was all sand and water. Harsh jungles and the Game-Makers were relentless: Sending poison and monkeys and all sorts of awful things.

The end was a totally shock for me. I did not see that coming. I knew the President Snow was evil, but I didn't know that he would do what he did…

There were a couple things, like in some Animes, that were in there that didn't have to be there. I mean, seriously, it wouldn't have changed the plot at all if those things weren't there. But, who am I to judge it? I just think differently I guess. And there were like two parts, two paragraphs throughout the whole book that I just thought were weird.

Onto other things concerning this particular topic, Wednesday, I saw the Hunger Games movie for the first time.

I am going to say first, that overall, it was a good movie. I liked the camera angles, Jennifer Lawrence was awesome as Katniss and I liked how—unlike the book—we got different views of the story. The director explained in the extras that they needed to do this because people needed to see. Because in the book, it is written in first person; everything we read is out of the eyes and mind of Katniss. We get no view upon the Game Makers because, obviously, she was in the arena at not with them. So being able to see the Game Makers do all the things to the arena was pretty cool. Seneca Crane has a crazy intricate beard…That was awesome.

I am going to say, secondly, all and the many things my brother and I found wrong with the movie. This was because we were comparing it to the book. (Brother had just finished reading it, whereas I had read it last summer.)

  1. First off, the story begins with Katniss waking up and such and then there are the complaints about Prim’s cat. We only saw the cat for one second in the movie when Katniss was threatening to cook it. 
  2. Madge gave Katniss the Mockingjay pin. She didn't buy it from the Hob. (This bothered me the most and I don’t know why.)
  3. Madge wasn't even in the movie. She was in the second book. If she is in the second movie, how is anyone supposed to know who she is?
  4. I don’t think that there was any uprisings in the Districts in the original Hunger Games…There were uprisings in Catching Fire, and even then, the Peacekeepers took care of them…

On a better note:

Haymitch was awesome. He sounded like a cowboy.

I guess I am done complaining, only because I cannot remember what else we were complaining about and my sister told us to stop comparing it…so I guess the thoughts left me. But it did get better once we got the Games.

Effie was amazing. I mean, I hated her in the book because she was so “on time” “this and that” “doodley doo”, but in the movie—and Catching Fire—I liked her. Her Reaping outfit WAS AWESOME and I am totally making one for myself. In fact, all of her outfits were kind of awesome…

Gale, well, he was cool in the book but kinda meh in the movie.

I understand why they needed to do things differently in the movie. Because there was just so much going on in the book, that if they did all of it, the movie would have been hours long. I think, that if I hadn't read the book, I would have thought it great. Ya know, besides the fact that its kids killing other kids for the entertainment of the Capitol...

Overall, I enjoyed it.

The End


Monday, June 10, 2013

Some pics that I need to post before I forget.


Well, he was smiling like...HUGE and it was so funny. The look on his face was so funny. It has been stuck in my head for some time now.

Anyway, I wanted to post these because I thought they were funny. That, and they were taking up room in my browser. ^^

I sent this to my brother. He is big into Mythbusters. I have seen a good portion of their episodes, and it is a funny awesome show. This just made me laugh because of Jamie...I never noticed the similarities between the two..

THIS WAS AWESOME. There was another one where they asked Tony and Bruce Wayne the same question. Bruce had waaaaay more accomplishments than Tony. I will try to find that one.

I would totally watch the movie, "Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Flynn Rider." Okay, that was lame of me...But wouldn't that have been something? Rapunzel would have looked in her closet and then by then he would have been awake and gone. Hehe.

Kili having a blast throwing flaming pine-cones. I will try this. I have matches. But I just thought this picture was awesome, so why not blog it?

The last thing was a gif of Watson, I think it is. It was on Pinterest. I clicked it. Loved it. Blogged it.

Goodnight ♥


Fili and Bilbo. But in this case--not just a Hobbit and his Dwarf companion!

Hello, this weekend has been full of things that were blog-worthy. And yet again, my internet is slow and I have been busy(er) than usual; work, reading, writing, and the like. It is nearing 11pm. So now I have the time--and peace and quiet--to type up something awesome.

This past Friday was my brothers Birthday. So, Happy Birthday to him! For his birthday, he wanted one thing. That thing was a kitten.

Now, we have had kittens before. At one point in time, we had 6 cats in the house at one time. There were three boys and then their sisters. I found them under our porch when I was younger. It was an exciting time because we were about to get a kitten from my aunt. The Saturday before we were supposed to get him, I saw a small black thing sitting on one of the steps on the porch. So of course, me being a child, I ran and told my parents. They went out and found three kittens under the porch and one in the woodshed. My siblings and I were incredibly excited, because that meant that we were going to have five cats! (This was an awesome thing to us because the first kitty we had--her name was Lady (after one of the trains on Thomas the Tank Engine; my little brother was deep into that)--ran away one day. I remember that day. We all had the flu, and were stuck in the house for days. That was not fun in the least. When we got back outside the next couple days...she was nowhere to be seen) ANYWAY, after we got the 4 kittens into the house, Dad saw a fifth one run across the yard and into the woodshed. We only saw him here and there, and nobody really got a good glimpse at him. So naturally, his name became "Bigfoot." A couple days later, he was caught. It took my mom a long time to get him socialized. I can't remember how many times we had to pull out the washer and dryer to get him out from behind it...

After a while, these kittens became cats. They were just a little too much to bear. Let’s just say that wooden railings had been ruined and the whole group was sent to the barn. They enjoyed being outside and each of them went their different ways. Felix decided that she liked the empty shed across the street much more than a yard full of cat siblings that she really truly hated. Cutie stuck around for many years. Then we got new neighbors who have a lot of cats. Cutie went to live with them...I haven't seen her for maybe a year. Cutie 2 (Cutie's brother, I know, original. LOL) had a wandering soul. He would come and go as he pleased. But in the end, I am pretty sure that a coyote took him out...The coyotes were really bad the year he disappeared. I am pretty sure that Bigfoot was taken out that way too...He was an excellent cat after he got used to people! He was really sweet and had an amazing tolerance for the little children annoying him.

Then there were Mask and Boots. Their names pretty much explain all there is to say about how they looked. Boots was black and he had white feet. So her name was instantly "Boots." Mask, well, he had a white, mustache looking thing on his face. (This was the kitty we got from our aunt.) Boots...well, I haven't seen her in a long time. I saw a cat that looked bloody close to her once while out at the Vet's office...but I doubt it was her. She did however, stare at me like she hated me. And that is how she looked at everyone. Mask was taken out by a car. It was a horrible day for my sister--for he was her kitty. In short, I absolutely hate the road we live on.
Well, this has been quite depressing, but I would like to finish before I get to my real point. There were three other cats. Smokey: an older kitty we found wandering stayed with us until he died. I think the neighbor man said that a fox got him...Then there was Princess: another old cat that just needed a home. Unlike the rest of them, she died because well, her time was done on this earth.

Then there was my kitty Tigger--the one in the picture on the top of this blog. My parents said that he got lonely and wandered away to find a girlfriend. I can believe it, because he was such a charmer, but I can't believe that he ran away from his family to find love.
Geez, whatever.

And without further delay, I bring you the POINT OF THIS WHOLE POST! IF YOU HAVE MADE IT THIS FAR, YOU ARE TRULY A VERY PATIENT PERSON. Seriously, I rant. It just goes on and on and on...

My brother did get a kitten for his Birthday. It has been almost 3 days and he loves the thing to pieces. But the awesome thing here--for me--is that, I got this kitten’s brother.

Meet, Fili:

Needless to say, we all know why his name is Fili. Because Fili is my favorite out of Thorin's company. Ya know, besides Kili and Thorin...(THE REASONS ARE OBVIOUS PEOPLE! COME ON!) His name was Fili before we even went to pick him up. I know it's not the greatest picture, but my camera has been running on dead for a long time. Anyway, he is super cute. He is fearless...

And this is my brothers kitten, Bilbo. The second Fili was named, brother says, "My kitten's name is Bilbo!"

My littlest sister calls him "Bobo meow."

Yes, that is a foot in the picture. He didn't know that I was taking a picture. Mostly because he was asleep. He ended up kicking the cat off the couch...

Anyhow, they are still getting over what I think was a cold. That's why their noses and eyes are a little bit messy. But I think that overall, they are healthy kitties.

Well, that is all. I hope you enjoyed the long winded story about past cats and their demise...

Oh, it's very late indeed. 


Friday, June 7, 2013

I Must Stay off of the Internet.

 Well, earlier this week I had followed Adam Brown on Twitter and there were a lot of people saying that he would make an awesome 12th doctor. Honestly I have only seen pictures of Doctor Who on the Pinterest and I haven't watched any of it...but I totally and completely agree! He would make a stupendous Doctor!

 What brought this on, you ask? I have been meaning to post about the twitter stuff and how I agreed with it...and this picture here reminded me about it.

Heheeeeeeeeeee. I found this on Elyse's blog...Seriously, you have to check out this particular post. If I had a chance to say anything about this particular group of people...well, she already did it, so I would just be wasting my time. Haha. No, seriously, what a better way to say that that post made me smile (a smile that will last all weekend) than to actually mention it. And not just comment on the post. ~Evil laugh~

But I seriously, SERIOUSLY need one of those shirts...

My lack of good blog innards is a problem I have faced over these past couple days. The internet won't let Pinterest load, meaning no funny pictures...

I guess that will be another post.
I am going to go spend 3 hours on Pinterest and find some good stuff.

~A very happy Natsu~

Thursday, June 6, 2013

“There is nothing to fear, but fear itself!”

(A post written on June 4th. Pardon me, the internet has been been more out than in these last couple days. So I have been typing up posts in my Microsoft Word...The internet always seems to go out when I get on here. I haven't been able to really see any pictures or any blogs. I guess the server just can't take the awesome. ~smile~)

It’s been two days and all I have been mentally doing is pondering on about the villains in Batman. One of my favorites is Dr. Jonathan Crane, (portrayed by Cillian Murphy in the Batman movies. From Batman Begins to The Dark Knight Rises.) I have mentioned him once before I believe, and I don’t think it would be a crime to mention him again…Today is not that day, however.

I have other things to think about.

But…I was pretty excited when I learned that he was in the third one. That was about 3 minutes ago. And there I was, jumping around my room humming loudly in an excited girly fashion. I am sure that the fish was wondering where the sudden and horrifying earthquake came from and why. My poor Avalon; he never saw it coming.

Now, I don’t know why the villains in Batman are so amazing. I think it’s because they have their backstories; they have their own ideas of how the world should be; and some of them are just a little…crazy.


Enough of that, I shouldn’t even be talking about it. I haven’t read one comic and I have only seen one of the older movies, (the one where Jim Carrey is The Riddler.) I don’t deserve to go on about it.

I need to start watching these DC and MARVEL things…

I have seen all of the three Spiderman movies.

Well, most of them.


Spiderman is pretty cool though.

I WATCH JUSTICE LEAGUE! *mutter mutter*

*sigh again*
I need to get better material for this blog. Ahahaaa.

When the lights come back on the router, you will find this post here.