Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I'm Simply Horrible.

 So, who cares if I spam my Pinterest feed with pics of Josh Groban??!! That guy is AMAZING! His voice is AMAZING.

 And if anyone is going to the show in Pittsburgh Nov. 2nd....take me with you...


 I found this one...I don't know who the guy in the front is, but Josh is in the back. Seriously. Those glasses...could this be any cuter??!?!?

"Josh at the London production of Matilda."

Heh. I am such a fangirl, but I love those glasses. I had some like that earlier this year.

Gosh these adorable people.

Don't make me post a pic of Adian and Dean that I found. The adorable meter would go....

Now, I must bow out.  I don't need to spam my blog with pictures too..


Oh The Thinks I Can Think!

**In response to something earlier, a comment and such, I was able to find a ComicCon video with Benedict Cumberbatch. So, there is something about a cabbage, a helicopter, and some tea? Was this the right one? It was certainly entertaining. Hehe.**

 Hello Blogging world! It has been a while since I had blogged and let me tell you, I have missed it! My weekend was incredibly packed with relatives and party preparations and the like. Cousins are making their last appearance tomorrow, and then that will be the end of the reunions until next summer! It was a most enjoyable weekend. I got to meet, three new cousins. Including a wife, a husband, and the cutest baby I have ever seen that goes by the name of Natalie. I swear, if I hadn't another cousin--actually, they are both second cousins--who was equally as cute, Natty would be the cutest child ever.

 Now, I apologize, but we must get back to the regularly scheduled nerdiness and fangirling this blog usually hosts.

First off, we got a new still from the up-and-coming season of Avatar: The Legend of Korra. This one is of the first Avatar, Avatar Wan. Observe:

My thought? HE HAS A BOLIN NOSE!!!!! I don't know why, but I absolutely adore Bolin's nose. It's even more fun to draw. The thing with this was, take away Wan's beard, cut the hair a bit, and re-color his eyes and you have Bolin! I cannot express in words how excited I am for this new season of A: LOK. It is going to be amazing. I heard somewhere that the release date is rumored to be September 7 of this year...Now, I don't know if this is accurate, but fingers crossed it is!

Secondly, I was wondering if Richard Armitage realizes how many fangirls he actually has...And how most of them are half his age. I think it's wonderful.

Thirdly--if thirdly is a thing--I have gotten back on Pinterest after a very long vacation from it...YAY!

 I shall be back.


Monday, July 22, 2013

A Quick One--Birthdays/Horses/Notes

 I have to be quick because the Internet could go out at any second. The thing is, I just needed to post about a couple things.

One of these things being...I WAS RIGHT.

 The thing there is I am not usually right about normal things like well, any school/smart related things. But when it comes to movies/actors/singers/books and songs, well, I am pretty good at that.

 For instance, this evening, I watched War Horse with my sisters. Long story short, THAT MOVIE WAS AMAZING!!! ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! I would have cried if I was not forcing myself not to. Anyway, there was a soldier in this movie and he looked awful familiar. So I sit and watch for a while and wait for a close up. After a few moments of a mental war and mumbling to myself in a psychotic manner, I come to the realization that this army guy looks like Benedict Cumberbatch. I don't know this for sure at the time, so I just rattle the idea off at my sister. She later goes and looks it up and...I WAS RIGGGGGGHT!!!! Of course, he was kind of blonde-ish and had a very strange mustache, so it was a little hard to tell him from the pics you see when his hair is brown.....BLAH.....I was pretty happy. I even stayed until the credits to see if I was right. (Yes, I am that shallow.) The only problem with this whole thing is that early on in the movie, he was taken captive by the Germans and we saw no more of him.

Tom Hiddleston was also in the credits. It was a familiar name to see then because I had looked up "Muppets Most Wanted" and found that he was in it. Turns out, (and this will sound lame to some) he plays Loki in the Avengers and Thor and such. So yeah, that was a great discovery.

 Speaking of Cumberbatch, and Birthdays, (it is in the title for a reason, yes) now that I think of it, it was his Birthday the other day. So, since I wasn't able to blog that day, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes out to Mr. Cumberbatch. He is 37. I seriously thought he was older than that...Just shows to go ya how I need to be on the Internet more...

 And the other HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! goes to my favorite game show host, Alex Trebek! Host of Jeopardy! Today, he is 73!

It's strange that one is 37, and the other is 73. IT IS FATE! DESTINY!!!


 Today is also Willem Dafoe's birthday. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLEM!!! I recognize him today because he voiced my favorite character from Tales From Earthsea, the Ghibli film. That was an awesome movie, I don't know why people dis Miyazaki's son's films...My favorite character is Lord Cob. I loved loved loved (and yes, I will say it three times just like Eloise's Nanny. Hehe) Cob's voice was...*brace yourselves* AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I get the time, I will post a video. That is, if I can find a video.

I still need to get those Earthsea books. They sit on the library shelves. Taunting me. Tempting me. Even though I KNOW that they KNOW I have too much to read at home...little devils they are...

 I did spend some time reading Eloise in Paris today. I forced my little sister into getting it at the library because I wanted to read it so bad. It was pretty good...she has her own little language and there is no puncuation in the whole book...I liked it :)

Don't judge me. I read little kid books. SO? THAT IS GOOD FOR THE MIND RIGHT? HEALTHY EVEN!

 Yes. Sure. That post was "quick."

I must go now.

I was notified that I had made 2 Tangled references. I am fabulous.



Friday, July 19, 2013





Comic-Con 2013 may be in the books for Avatar fans looking for Book 2 news, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be sitting dry between now and the premiere. The amount of news we’ve received over the past few hours is incredible and it will only lead to endless speculation. In this post, I wanted to cover two major points that may have been lost in all of the news released at Comic-Con. Those two points are Book 2′s release month and trailer. I’m sure most of you probably know the release month by now, but in order to highlight it, I thought I’d write an official post about it. Plus, I think you guys may need a new post to display your excitement because the Comic-Con post is flooded with over 430 comments.

Anyways, Book 2 will premiere sometime September 2013. This officially narrows down Book 2′s release date to the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th. I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say Book 2 will premiere on September 7th just because that was my guess for months now and I want to stick with it. Along with the release date, we got a trailer and clip from Book 2.
You can see them both below:
[I wasn't able to post the other so here is the link: 

I’ll be at my college orientation this Monday and Tuesday so I won’t be able blog more in depth about the trailer until Wednesday. But look out for some sort of in depth breakdown of the trailer this Wednesday because there are a lot of interesting points to highlight.

Lastly, we’re still in search of a leaked video of Episode 1: Rebel Spirit. I suggest waiting for Nickelodeon to release it because anyone who had the ability to record probably recorded it so far away from the main screen in order to avoid security. Needless to say, the quality will be terrible and not worth watching.

I expect Nickelodeon to release the episode online sometime this weekend, but that’s just my opinion.

Thanks for sticking with this blog throughout Comic-Con coverage and I hope my work satisfied your Book 2 needs.

That's all--there is another post....I will get that later.



So Many Feels...

So, firstly, I want to say, THANKS TO ALL THE GUYS AND GALS THAT VIEW MY BLOG! I have reached over 7000! It's not worth a Dragonball quote yet...but I believe that will probably happen later at some point...


Anyway, my sister sent me an email with her thoughts about The Legend of Korra DVD. Here is the conversation:

I just know that someone is going to get the last Korra DVD. Then I will be all like:

BUT! Sorry, that was loud. But! If I do get it, I will be more like:

But if I see the empty display for the DVDs I will be like:

And my insides will be like:

But, due to the fact that I am fabulous, It will look more like:

In the end, I get the DVD.
Well.....She went to the store today, and. IT. WAS. THERE!!!!

I was standing next to her when she got it. This next segment is called, "THE FEELS!!!! OH THE FEELS!!" Basically, it's how we all reacted. Haha.

That sums it up.

Now, I believe the first one is David Tennant. I mean, I think I recognize him by the awesome hair and adorkable (YES I USED THIS WORD! AHAHWAHAHAHA!) disposition...

The next one is Merlin. That's the best excited GIF out of the whole bunch. It's awesome. I have been posting a lot of GIFs today. It's just fun! I don't like how Blogger has this HUUUUUGE gap in between each one...It makes the post look sloppy! RAGE!

The next is Cat from Victorious. I just thought it was cute.


And then a huge list of my feels.

The end ♥


PS: The one of Zuko is amazing...I have one of Gaara like that. Hehe. ♥♥ I think they even have the same expression--

Korra is Last, Because She is AWESOME.

Running through my mind when I watch her: I wish I was Korra, she's so awesome...




This last one is my absolute favorite...makes me sad.


Mako Now!

 Honestly, during the begining of watching the show, I was totally on Mako's side. But then Asami came in and I lost interest...LOL. I still think he's awesome. I love him with Korra. They are perfect for each other.


These are what I have for now:


Yeah...I need more Mako ones...I know they are out there.


We Shall Start with Bolin!

Bolin. He's my favorite character out of all of the show. I love Mako, and I wish I could be Korra, but Bolin is the one I would hang out with all the time. Oh, and Pabu would be there too! :)


That's all I have for now. Hopefully, I will get on tumblr (something I have only been to twice--but I know it has GIFs...) and try to find some decent Bolin Gifs.



I Am So Sorry--

 Well, it's certainly been a while since I posted anything. And with the up-and-coming family reunion, I won't be here often. So, there won't be a lot coming in for probably the next two weeks. It's a shame, really...

 To compensate for all of those soon-to-be-lost days, I am gonna post some gifs. Lots.

And pictures. Pictures are fun.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Random Notes While Watching a Movie

So, my little brother wanted to watch The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. He has never seen it before, and that status still remains because he fell asleep before we even hit the seven minute mark. Then the other child that was in the room was asleep by the ten minute mark. I, however, stayed till the bitter end (which was around midnight since we started at eight) and enjoyed every moment of it. So that makes three times I have watched it all the way through.

Anyway, I had a piece of printer paper and I was scratching down notes with a random (and a rather sticky) pencil. I actually filled the whole paper and then the back. I am going to post them without editing them! Hah! It was dark so I don’t know if the spelling will even be right…Maybe I will edit the spelling and then I will probably explain some situations. Because, you know, when you write down notes, you are basically the only one who will understand them later. And sometimes, I don’t even understand what they meant and then I get angry because I wasn't clearer with my chicken scratches.

Here we go!


Jed Brophy (Nori) was the first to burp during the dinner scene.

Fili was the first to throw the plate.

(Get screen of Kili being adorable.) Kili!!

Dwalin (Tattoo) moved the plate of cookies. [That happened when Gandalf went to lay out the map on the table.]

Bilbo’s feet were wrapped when drinking tea after fainting.

They [the dwarves] left the house as clean as it was before.

[Balin] winked at Bilbo (pony).

The look on Radagast’s face when the hedgehog died.

The look on Bilbo’s face when he’s contemplating owl hoots.

[We paused the movie for a moment and discussed Benedict's Cumberbatch's voice. (We originally started talking about the Necromancer for some reason.)

The conversation went like this:

Me: I heard Benedict Cumberbatch was going to be in the next movie.

Sis: Oh yeah. ~laughs~ He'll get to work with Watson.

Me: Yeah.

~seconds of sitting there after we both sigh because we are exhausted from talking~

Me: Benedict's voice is really cool.

Sis: Yeah.

(We had never heard him talk until we listened to a couple moments of "Ode to a Nightingale" on the internet somewhere.)

Me: It's really deep and

Sister looks at me.

We both start to laugh.]


Kili was the first to attempt to save Bilbo from the trolls.

Bofur was the first to slide down into cave. [When they were running away from the orc pack.]

Son of Thrain-Thror- Thorin

Bofur was the first to ask [where] Bilbo was.

Nori looked back and saw Bilbo. [When he was being taken away by goblins (?)]

Nori’s crazy hair. [Seriously thought, it rocks. It’s shaped like a star. It’s a rock star…aHawah]

F and K [Fili and Kili] were the first to run in and help B [Bilbo]D was right behind them. [I don’t remember what D stood for…probably Dwalin…]

“I wish you all the luck in the world.”

PAGE 2**

“Even good stories need embellishment.”

Misty Mountain at the end is EPIC.

Drawing of a key. [This was a reference to Captain Jack Sparrow and I was going to make some kind of picture out of it or something…Because Thorin had a key…I don’t know.]

“You know nothing of the world.”


Hobbit Tartare and Dwarves, a little butter, a little salt. [This was my sister, she walked in when Bilbo was suggesting ways to season the Dwarves.]

“He’s been lost since he left home.” ~Thorin

That is the end of the paper. At the bottom of the second part, there was this weird drawing I did…I don’t know what or who it is exactly…



Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Costumes of Effie Trinket!

 Ahhh...So here are some of what Effie wore in the Hunger Games movie...


Effie is the one in the pink dress. Katniss is in the blue dress. This is Effie's Reaping outfit. IT IS SOOOO PINK. The sleeves are awesome. I just need some pink fabric...YAAAAAAAAAAAAA awesome.


This is the head and neck piece. It's super flowery and puffy and...I really don't know how I am going to pull that off. And her hair and skin have a pinkish tint. Her hair and makeup and skin all change color with her outfits...

The gloves and shoes are cool, but I haven't been able to find any shoes that look like hers that aren't 40 dollars. Who pays that much for a pair of heels that you will wear once?!

And then, while I was searching, I found a whole post about Effie and The Capitol's fashions. So, here it is, from THE EVERYDAY SHINE Called "Post Apocalyptic Fashion."

Post Apocalyptic Fashion 
Long time no post :( Well, no worries, I'm gonna make it up to you guys. Today we are talking about two things I love: Fashion and The Hunger Games. I am gonna start by saying that if you have not watched this movie, it's highly time to do so. A few week before the movie came out, back in march, I was already hyperventilating with excitement. One of my biggest curiosities was the way Lionsgate was going to portray the Capitol citizens. After watching the movie, I can say it was simply perfect. They managed to capture the essence of what is described in the book : shallowness, color, opulence and circus. Exactly what Suzanne Collins has described. I was pleasantly surprised how faithful the producers were to the descriptions in the book.

The first time we see Effie she appears as a shocking contrast to the citizens of district eleven. Her purple purple outfit, combined like this looks over the top, but if you'd split it to pieces, well, that could be a whole different story. I, personally, LOVE the blazer. It's oversized and puffy shoulder remind me of baroque dresses I used to love when I was a child.

This outfit is my favorite from Effie's entire closet. Even though it's beautiful, it is too much, so a few alterations are in need. If it were up to me, I'd separate the upper part, just below the belt, from the skirt, add a pair of black skinny pants, and voila, an outfit you can actually wear.

"Divide and conquer" I think this saying fits the Capitol Fashion perfectly. Each and every outfit consists of some exquisite pieces of clothing which are literally breathtaking if they would stand alone. If taken separately, they look like snatched from the runways of London, Paris and New York. Well, there are quite a few designers whose creations have a bit of a Capitol air to them. So, in order to achieve that exaggerated Capitol look, it is enough to overlay two or three items, add some eccentric hair, put some shocking make-up on and there you have it: a complete Circus.

And because I did not want to be entirely mean towards the Capitol, I chose Head Gamemaker Seneca Crane's outfit as a positive example. The beard, the only different thing about his appearance, a beard which Wes Bentley brilliantly sports, goes rather well with the somewhat ordinary costume that he is wearing.
He radiates elegance and it's an outfit I would love to see on someone in real life.

Overall, I loved the Capitol fashion, meaning I loved its portrayal. I would have loved to see more of Katniss's prep team, Venia, Flavius and Octavia as they are rather fascinatingly described:
Venia: "a woman with aqua hair and gold tattoos above her eyebrows"
Flavius: " He gives his orange corkscrew locks a shake and applies a fresh coat of purple lipstick to his mouth."
Octavia:"a plump woman whose entire body has been dyed a pale shade of pea green"

So, this is it for today. I hope I made you at least a bit curious about the movie if you haven't seen it already, or maybe even a bit curious about the book.Let me know if you ended up wandering through it's pages.
That was her post. I thought it was cool because all of the pictures were there in one post!

I should have more when I find more Catching Fire pictures. This post has been delayed because of the rich content and the internet problems...BUT NOW IT IS HERE!!



We Shall Make it a Funny Post! With Pictures!

So, it's been a while since I did a huge post of pictures. And I haven't been on very much because my internet keeps going out and it never gets back...Needless to say my Pinterest home feed is jammed and I found a bunch of LoTR and THobbit funnies.




~evil laugh~

The Lord of the Rings behind the scenes... THE SPLINTER!!!!! I LOVED THIS SO MUCH! HAHAHAHAHA


very funny!

Looks like my little kitten, Fili!

I found this picture of a kitten on Pinterest. Do you know what the comment said?

"Looks like my little kitten, Fili!"
I had an epic face palm moment. Is it possible that I am THAT unoriginal? 'Cept the kitty in the picture looks more like my brothers kitten than my own...

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

YES xD comment on this one....
See???  I told you he was a real Wizard!

I shall forever sing the LOTR version of this song. :)


That's all I can come up with at the moment...