Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thor: The Dark World Stills.

HI!!!! So, I really couldn't think of a better title, so I went with the blunt style and just put down what I intended to write about. I saw these weeks and weeks ago, but I never got around to posting them. I really don't know why I waited so long. I am so abusive to this blog! Ah! But now, I am finally getting to it! Yes! 

 They are all quite wonderful stills. I saw the original Thor only weeks ago for the first time. The day after I saw Thor, I saw The Avengers.

 The thing is, I don't really see the movies the week they come out. Sometimes, I have to wait until they are on DVD or come along on the telly at some point. So, it took me a while to see Thor, but I think it was worth the wait. The Avengers was amazing too! I cannot believe how amazing it was. OH GOSH! Everybody did an amazing job with their characters, and I am still a Tony Stark fan. Gosh, he is hilarious!

Then there is Captain America. I saw that movie just before Thor. Can you believe what Lord Elrond does in his free time?! Seriously, that was awesome. I was staring up at this Nazi saying, "WHERE HAVE I SEEN HIM BEFORE!??" Two second elapsed and I screamed, "IT IS ELROND! GUYS! IT IS ELROND!" And then I get screamed at for shouting out in the middle of the movie and the siblings start over because I was freaking out and they couldn't hear it. BUT he did have another familiar face working with him. Yeah, so this would be the part where I make some dumb comment about Thorin working for Elrond...But I will save that for another time. Richard Armitage was a Nazi, however, his name was Heinz. xD

 So, before I type any more insanity, I will post these screenshots. Yay.

Thor and Odin, his dad.

Jane Foster and Thor. They look happy. :D
Loki and Thor, looking at something.
Another one of Loki.

Loki, reading a book. Or, maybe just holding the book. :)
He really looks like an Elf to me with the whole cloak thing...It's nice. Cloaks are nice...I like cloaks. Hmn.
I don't really know what part they play at this point. Makeup is cool, anyhow. xD

I don't really know who this guys is. It kind of looks like a majestic, Hockey-mask guy.
 That is all I have at the moment. I am so excited! Out of the movies coming out at the end of the year, this one is probably second on my list. My want-to-see list, that is.

It goes:

  1. The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
  2. Thor: The Dark World
  3. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Well, it's getting late, I should be off to bed.

The little OCD guy in the back of my head is screaming because it is SO happy that these pictures all lined up just right. :D :D


Nighty night everyone! 


*Thanks to the internet and IMDB for images. ;)

Monday, September 23, 2013

10,006 Pageviews! Wow!

 I just wanted to post something short on how excited I am that the blog has been viewed over Ten Thousand times! When I started this blog--almost two years ago--I didn't think that anyone would actually view it or read any of my stuff.

Still, I don't know if anyone reads my blog. It could just be that they came across it by accident and then clicked "backspace" to get back to where they could just be the crazy pictures I post. I don't know! But I am excited.

Thanks guys!

Happy Dance time!! (LOVE this gif! I could watch it forever, I think.)

Sister just pointed out that I posted the Tenth doctor because of the 10...yeah. I DID do that on purpose!! YES! ;)

Yay! :D

See ya'll later.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Favorite #2

 My sister sent this one to me, and I made it another one of my favorites. I won't go on ranting how awesome Tom Hiddleston is and how amazing Loki is. I'll save that for another day.

~Cue maniacal laughter~


 Oh, but I laughed so hard at this. ♥

Goodnight blog,


Thursday, September 19, 2013


 So, this evening, I watched the movie "9" with my brother and sister. Brother had seen it before and said that it was cool. So...I wanted to see it. I think that I really wanted to see it because Tim Burton worked on it and it was animated. Enough said.

 I thought it was really cool! The story was really neat! It took place in like this post-apocalyptic world, where robots had taken over and wiped out all of humanity. The scientist who had created "The Brain" or "The Machine" also created these nine dolls. He gave each doll a part of his soul. He did this because when he made the other robot, "The Brain," the robot had been corrupted by the other bad people who had been controlling it. So, by putting a bit of his self into every doll, the dolls did not get corrupted.

I think out of all of the dolls, 6 was my favorite. The twins, 3 and 4 were really cool too. All nine of the dolls (robots, actually, why do I keep calling them dolls?) were really awesome. All but 1 and 8. They were kind of jerky.

The movie was based on a short-film by Shane Acker. The DVD had the short-film on it, so we watched that too. It was really cool. The animation is better in the movie, but overall, it was still awesome.

 The whole movie was a bit creepy, but it was surprisingly awesome. I'm not much into horror and the like, but "9" was incredible. xD
This is 6. He liked to draw the pattern that was on the important little piece (I don't think it had a name). He was a bit mad, and didn't say much, but he was right all along. xD

  See? They do look like dolls. I think I may try to make some of these...

Also, here is the short-film. I found it on the You-tubers. :D Here is the link, only because I cannot attach it. The internet has been so bad lately. 9 Short Film. I am pretty sure that this is it, and I hope it works!

Goodnight Blog!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

One More Thing...An Epic, if you will....

 Sooooooooooooo, needless to say, this is another thing I found on Pinterest. I can't get over how funny I found it to be and I just needed to post it. There really doesn't have to be a good reason to post something...right?

 The interview is obviously from Into Darkness, a Star Trek movie. But I love how the picture is all set up with Desolation of Smaug drama, and then they throw in the last part....Eh...Heheehhee.

It's a bit silly. But, I think it's funny.

This is why I love these people.


On a much less weirder note, Matt Smith was in a dream I had last night. It was really strange. I was like at a yard sale at my neighbors house or something, and I was digging through a bookshelf looking at books. I pulled back a book and he was on the other side of the bookshelf. So, I stared. He stared back. I continued to stare, and then he looked at me like, "What?" Then I looked at him with the same confused expression, and we ended up staring at each other for at least two minutes.

After I realized who he was, I got excited and ran towards a table to grab my mother's phone so I could take a picture. But I tripped through a pile of leaves and sticks (our neighbors house is way behind ours, so there are sticks. It's the forest. :D) and I ended up falling and hitting the phone off of the table. 

When I finally got the phone between my hands, it was too late. I had gone back over to the bookshelf and he was gone.

I think his appearance may have been due to the fact that I spend way to much time on the internet scrolling through Doctor Who boards. I mean, I am not even at the 11th doctor yet...

SO! There also was a vague feeling that Mr. Darcy was there, but I don't know... (It could have something to do with the fact that I did watch Pride and Prejudice last night.) My cute little second-cousin was there too. I figured that that was normal at least because she was at the house yesterday for a couple of hours.

Dreams are really...really...strange things. 
And that wasn't even one of the strangest.

Apparently you don't actually get any real rest when you dream.

That explains everything.

So long Bloggy, I have done you enough mental damage. xD And I have chemistry homework to do. Bleh.



 I don't know why my mind came across it when it did, but a couple of days ago, I was doing school, and the words popped into my head. "I'm shocked that he can type with cake in both hands." I then realized where I had seen those words and went on an epic, world-wide-inter-web search for this picture. I found it, and I laugh every time I see it.

 Now, I don't understand why people pair Mycroft  up with cake. (Yeah, I am pretty sure it's Mycroft...?) I have seen a lot of pictures and such with this pairing. And until I finally decided to actually watch the show, (which is something I have desperately wanted to do as of late), I won't understand. All I can do at this point is laugh at it.

Without further hesitation, my favorite, just for ya'll--

Oh, an e-mail from Mycroft.
"Get a real job"?
I’m shocked that he can typewith cake in both hands.

images from the unaired pilot episode of Sherlock.

I have actually started a "Sherlock" Pinterest board. I fill it up. It is enjoyable. I have been collecting Sherlock funnies and the like and I will get them on here in a huge, Sherlock post. I will do it like the Merlin post I did. I'm sure there will even be Doctor Who stuff taking over this blog soon...Oh, I find LOADS of Doctor Who stuff. 

Oh I love fandoms...

And I am in over my head.

Have an awesome afternoon everyone xD


....Still enjoying this picture....

Friday, September 13, 2013


 Well, at least for the Korra fans.
 It's been well over 15 months since Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Book 1 ended. So, here we have been, loyal TLOK fans, sitting at our computers, just hoping for some news. Well, after some time, and some deaths in the fandom, we started getting news! And then news! AND THEN THE PREMIERE DATE! And when you get excited for the rumor of the release date of the release date, then, well...Yeah. That's what happened.
 Finally tonight, the first episode will be on Nick at 7pm. It is a bit different from the time slot they had last year, which was 11:00am on Saturday. The good thing about this is, that now, we won't have to wake up that early on Saturday!!
 I know most of ya'll already saw the first episode, having been leaked onto the Internet and all, but for me, it's BRAND. NEW. :P
So excited!!


Now, I have to go to school. Everyone enjoy Friday the 13th!! And Korra!!



Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Reasons why Doctor Who has Ruined My Life.

 Well. Well. Well. It's been a week since I have posted, and oh, I have missed it terribly. I have just been too busy with school as of late. When I do have the time, however, (i.e, Sunday afternoons), I am too busy sleeping because I didn't sleep at all during the week.

 But that is not important! For I have entered the magical galaxy of DOCTOR WHO!

Rule 50: Comparing everything to Doctor Who is completely normal and accepted.

 Granted, I am not very far along. I have just finished series three. I wanted to start with the 10th Doctor...and I don't need to state my reasons for doing so. He's an adorkable goof and I love him. There.

 Anyway, I have made a list of reasons why Doctor Who has ruined my life. Observe:

  1. I can't look at a statue anymore, no matter what it is. I am too afraid of getting transported back in time.
  2. I can't see a blue object of any kind without thinking, "IT'S THE TARDIS!!!"
  3. Everything makes sense and then everything doesn't make sense.
  4. Bow-ties are cool.
  5. I can't stop watching it.
  6. I pin and pin and pin anything Doctor Who related. Thanks for burning up my home feed. I love you.
  7. Everything doesn't make sense anymore.
THAT is my list. It's very short, yes, but I will probably end up adding more to it.

This video is the perfect explanation of all the feels I have for Doctor Who.

We are not to the point of merchandise yet, but I think it may happen. :D

And this is me and my sister. I don't know why The Doctor is holding a cabbage...Is it a cabbage?

 Well, that's what I have for now.

  I want to thank Doctor Who for ruining everything.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Merlin Post! Yes!

It has been very quiet lately around the Blogosphere...

This is a collection of pictures I have found over the course of however long it took me to find them. It may be dorky pictures of Bradley and Colin. There may be cool ones of Merlin and Morgana...Whatever I find and enjoy will be here. This is going to be a very, very, very, very, very, long post.

Gosh, I miss this show so much.


Merlin and Arthur on Baker Street. Dude!

This is awesome. The minute I saw the long coat, I knew exactly what this was a mix of. And do you see? Merlin still has his scarf!

Colin Morgan as Merlin

This one was just awesome...

It is such a good picture! And they were at ComicCon...Awww...It's strange to see them just being them, rather than seeing them be there characters...But we love them anyway. Adorable!

"I told you, I have many talents."

"I told you, I have many talents."


This was the saddest part I think in the entire series...Save for the series finale. Yeah. And when Lancelot died. Geez...They were so beautiful together...Gosh. I have to move on before I start crying.


So true. ;') I love the top photos on this. It looks like a photo booth. And they are all being dorky. I think besides the cast of The Hobbit, these guys are my favorite group of people...(THEY HAVE TEDDIE BEARS TOO!!)

The part at the end..."HE'S GONNA BURN!" Ahahaaaaaaaa...This was just too funny not to share. Colin's voice get's very loud...

.Merlin <3

Happy Arthur hehehe

Ahahaha, Arthur's face. Those were a good group of episodes. Arthur was under a spell for most of the time so people thought he was a simpleton. Merlin didn't want his true identity to be know. He was so funny during that...haha.


So...we have Colin Morgan, Bradley James, I believe it is the 11th Doctor (?) Matt Smith (?) and I am pretty sure...Cumberbatch. All with Teddie bears.....This is why we love our fandoms. ♥

Love this one. I love the one of Colin, third one down on the left.

THERE WE GO! That will hold until I can get a whole bunch of Bradley and Colin pics...


We KNEW YOU HAD PRECIOUS! And other Gollum covers xD

 Hello, hello!

A couple weeks ago, I found a cover of Taylor Swift's I Knew You Were Trouble done by this chap who had an AMAZING Gollum impression. If you have never seen the original Taylor Swift video, then you probably won't understand the video I am about to post. I really don't feel comfortable posting the original video only because it's a bit edgy. I mean, I know Taylor Swift is trying to mature with her music, but I don't wanna post it on here. I guess if you at least heard the song once...that would be fine. xD

 I am assuming that this guy's name is James Walters...that's what his YouTube thing says anyway. He is just so funny and the lyrics that he comes up with are perfect! The first one is the TS parody I was just talking about.


Then this afternoon, we found another one. It was the same guy with a parody to Somebody That I Used to Know. (I have a great video concerning that song and it will get on here at some point. Heh.) 

This was amazing. Honestly, I have never seen the original video (I was told there was some body-painting in it and I kind of backed away from the concept of seeing it.) so I can't really compare it. But I knew that what this guy did was pretty close. I love how there are t-shirts and when the girl comes in. :D

I think it's great how he's sitting on the chair. :)

(Yeah so there is some language. Like, one word. I still think it's acceptable.) 

Oh it's funny.

Then, there is one more called, Gollum: Lost Auditions. This is hilarious. Unfortunately, there were quite a few films I didn't know of. But they were funny nevertheless. What has Gump got in his cases? ^.^


Yeah...I think those are funny.

Now, I am going to also post my Merlin post that I have been working on. I can't stay on the internet too long because I have homework to finish. School started today and I have math and an hour of Romeo and Juliet to finish reading. I suppose I could finish the math tomorrow, since I have to get the particular section done before Friday. But the Shakespeare I need to finish tonight.

 So far in that book/play/thing, basically, Romeo and a couple of his buddies crashed a party and Romeo was hitting on Juliet...That's as far as I got in an hour. Okay, so it wasn't exactly like that...

Have a good night.