Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We KNEW YOU HAD PRECIOUS! And other Gollum covers xD

 Hello, hello!

A couple weeks ago, I found a cover of Taylor Swift's I Knew You Were Trouble done by this chap who had an AMAZING Gollum impression. If you have never seen the original Taylor Swift video, then you probably won't understand the video I am about to post. I really don't feel comfortable posting the original video only because it's a bit edgy. I mean, I know Taylor Swift is trying to mature with her music, but I don't wanna post it on here. I guess if you at least heard the song once...that would be fine. xD

 I am assuming that this guy's name is James Walters...that's what his YouTube thing says anyway. He is just so funny and the lyrics that he comes up with are perfect! The first one is the TS parody I was just talking about.


Then this afternoon, we found another one. It was the same guy with a parody to Somebody That I Used to Know. (I have a great video concerning that song and it will get on here at some point. Heh.) 

This was amazing. Honestly, I have never seen the original video (I was told there was some body-painting in it and I kind of backed away from the concept of seeing it.) so I can't really compare it. But I knew that what this guy did was pretty close. I love how there are t-shirts and when the girl comes in. :D

I think it's great how he's sitting on the chair. :)

(Yeah so there is some language. Like, one word. I still think it's acceptable.) 

Oh it's funny.

Then, there is one more called, Gollum: Lost Auditions. This is hilarious. Unfortunately, there were quite a few films I didn't know of. But they were funny nevertheless. What has Gump got in his cases? ^.^


Yeah...I think those are funny.

Now, I am going to also post my Merlin post that I have been working on. I can't stay on the internet too long because I have homework to finish. School started today and I have math and an hour of Romeo and Juliet to finish reading. I suppose I could finish the math tomorrow, since I have to get the particular section done before Friday. But the Shakespeare I need to finish tonight.

 So far in that book/play/thing, basically, Romeo and a couple of his buddies crashed a party and Romeo was hitting on Juliet...That's as far as I got in an hour. Okay, so it wasn't exactly like that...

Have a good night.



  1. No, no, no, Romeo And Juliet is *exactly* like that. It's Shakespeare's best comedy. XD

    In Pace Christi,


  2. It was a little more dramatic and rhyme-y (?) And I was pretty sure that he was in love with another girl (Rose something...)and then he sees Juliet. Best comedy is right! :D I shall see how it all plays out.