Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Matt Smith!

 Okay! Hello everyone! I know it is not Tuesday, but I got an email from my sister saying that today was Matt Smith's 31st Birthday! So! Here I am to say...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT SMITH!

 *commence partying*

 *continues to party*


 Alrighty then.



Friday, October 25, 2013


I Remember Now.

I had forgotten how much I love Gaara’s voice.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

#MONTHOF10 Tuesday, #4

 Hey everyone, I am back! See? And I have brought gifs! Gifs! Yay!

 I had been bog-slacking and I guess I could blame school and library books and Doctor Who...yeah, my argument is getting nowhere...


HAH! This was amazing. I love Donna. She questions everything and her attitude is GREAT. Here, she asked him what made him in charge...or something along the lines of that. Saw that episode last night, I did. It was Volcano Day. 9 had warned them about going there on Volcano day. Did they listen?

One of my favorite Doctor/Donna moments :)

This was awesome. It was a little hard to keep up with what they were saying, but I did it, nevertheless. And when I find this clip on the internet, I will post it. I know, it's not a gif, but it was funny, and I have just started Series 4 and I can relate now. :D

So, I may have more pictures than gifs...well, another day with the gifs I suppose...

Ten :) #DoctorWho

I am going to post this and not care what anyone thinks. Hah. Because I love it. :)

Oh dear...

Yeah. That was awesome. Apparently he's not the only one with a sonic-device...I am so thick sometimes...

This is my favorite.

Don't know what the face is about...*lol* but this is funny because there have been two more of my favorite actors that have turned 42 this year...I think it's funny how all of them are like, twice, three times my age. But, I am still able to fangirl over them...And in my defense, half of them act like they are 6! Oh, these goofballs.

Now, I don't think David Tennant was ever Arthur Dent...but he did wear his pajamas for an entire episode once, and he said he was very much like Arthur Dent. Then I'm like, "OH NAW WAY? YOU MET HIM?" Then I was like, but he's a fictional character....headcannon. Yeah.

Then you flip out because you have read the book and you know whats going on. I am going to read those books again because, gosh, they are confusing the first time around.

Yeah. SO. When explaining this to parents... :)


Okay...I am going to go back to my room and cry now.

here is a good pic. of the doc. overreacting

THE COOKIES!!! (See, here is another with I want one. Geez.)

SO, that is it for #MONTHOFTEN.

I don't know why I use hashtags. They are only good on Twitter...

Have an awesome day!


Fantastic Merlin Videos.

 Morning, morning everyone. Now, as it is still around 6am (screams in horror at this unearthly time of day) I am allowed to YouTube things as much as I want and the bandwidths will not go down! xD So, I thought I would look up Merlin Music Video things and see if I could find some really great ones.

 Well, as Pinterest would have it, I did find some good ones! And here they are!

This one was really, really awesome. I had never had the chance to see Merlin ones, but I know what a well-done video looks like. And I thought this one was really great.

It makes me realize what a sad, sad show this is. There are bits and pieces of it that are funny as ever, but then there are the emotional bits...And it doesn't help the fact that the actors and actresses are SO GOOD AT THEIR JOBS!

I am pretty sure the song on this one is, "I'm Still Here." From what the comments and such said, I think it's from Treasure Planet. I remember that movie. That was great. The song is a perfect fit for the show.

The song in this one is called "Angel With a Shotgun," if my memory is correct. I have never heard this song before, but I thought it fit the video very well. This was a great video too, and I like how the explosions match with the music.

Wow. So, this was probably, maybe worse than the Sherlock "Hanging Tree" video. Wow.

Apparently that song was by someone named Annie Lennox and it's called, "Into The West." So...after hearing that song twice, it is now my new favorite song. I found a LoTR Tribute video. AMAZING. But I have to stop going in that direction, or this would end up full of LoTR things... ^.^

This is the last one I have for today. It's a little mushy, but I liked it anyway. Merlin and Freya were all so sad...ugh.

Well, that's all I have for now. If I can help it, there should be more around soon. :D

Now, I have to go to school.

Have a great day.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Thor: The Dark World. But More to The Point...Loki!

 Hey ya'll. I know I have been super super Blog lazy since Friday, and I missed out on my Doctor Who post on Tuesday, but I will make up for it next Tuesday with a huge post. That is, if I can find enough material for it...So yeah, there will be a huge post.

 Anyway! I have been on IMDB. First off, Happy Birthday to Angela Lansbury who is 88 today! I remember her most in Bed-knobs and Broomsticks. I watched that often as a child. :)

 Secondly,  and more to the point, there was a video up on the site called, "Loki's Return." I watched it, and MAN OH MAN am I pumped for that movie! OH. GLOB. this. And you will also--and I am going to say this like Starfire--feel these feels.

Then, I have an awesome picture of Tom Hiddleston.


Thor's hammer, in  rock. Like Merlin and the sword in the stone....SO IT IS MAGICAL!!!!  MAGICAL HAMMER!!!! YAY!

Okay, there is a Toy Story special on the telly so I must go watch that.

I will be back on Tuesday.



Friday, October 11, 2013


 I just got done watching the new episode of Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Some time around the middle of the episode, I said to my sister, "PLOT TWIST! VARRICK IS EVIL!! MWHAHA."

OMGoodness. I think I was right.

She didn't believe me.

We started talking and pulled everything together. They were his boats getting taken. He was trying to get Mako and Asami on his side. I mean, come on! He had Bolin working as an actor for his "movers" and he's filthy rich. Then...then...Mako figured out how the explosions worked and how they were connected. We brought it all together and came to the conclusion that he was evil.

And then what happened? At the end of the episode, we get AN EVIL SMIRK out of Varrick! Right after he made a business deal with Asami.


Now, I am not saying for sure if he is evil or not. But a smirk? I have seen that before. MANY times before. It is a perfectly legit sign of evilness.

So now, we are pretty sure that Korra is on Ember Island and she DOES NOT REMEMBER WHO SHE IS!! MAN! I cannot BELIEVE the plot twists that have been thrown in here! The show was a bit slow going at first, and Unalaq and his kids were obviously the villain, but now, OH MY GOSH. I have to give high-fives to these writers. GEEZ. Amazingness is happening right now.



I cannot wait for next week.

Blah. Keval's blog has a post on Tonight's episode. It's just an announcement, but the comments are pretty good so far.

Ugh. I am gonna go read now. Let my brain cool down a bit. PLUS, the book is due tomorrow and I started it around four this afternoon. I wish I didn't wait until I realized it was due.




Tuesday, October 8, 2013

#Monthof10 Post 3.

Hey everyone! So, as you can probably tell, I changed my blog up a little bit! I have tried to update the look of it every year or so, and the last time I changed it was sometime in October. So, it was about time I changed it for the upcoming year. The blog went from original green, to blue, to light brown. I don't know...I like it. What do ya'll think? ^.^

 Anyway! I didn't come here to blab on and on about my blog, no! It is Tuesday! And that means! 5 NEW TENTH DOCTOR RELATED THINGS!!! Then! we will have 5 MORE on Thursday! Yay!

 Here we go!


Oh my gosh, I laugh hysterically whenever I see something like this. He was all excited with the hopes that he may have been Ginger, and when he asked Rose (I can't remember the exact words) she said something like, "No. It's just sort of...brownish." He was SO disappointed . :) My favorite part of the episode where Ten came in was when he was listing off a bunch of personality traits and wondering which ones he had. He came to the conclusion that he was "Not Ginger AND Rude." And he had asked Rose on...two occasions if what he did was rude. :)

Always turn it into a compliment

 First episode of Doctor Who I saw was the Christmas special that introduced Donna for the first time. And even though Martha came after that, we got Donna again in the fourth series. :) I absolutely love her attitude. Oh gosh.

On the 50th anniversary show...

Ohhhhhh Kuzco.


I am not ashamed to say yes. Yes it is. :)

He makes the best faces!

HAHAHA YES!!! I was hoping that I would find a thing that had every single face he made!!! HAH!!! Oh, Timelords have very stretchy faces....I love this more than I should....I think.

 And that does it for today. I hope you enjoyed yourself. Because I did....~cheeky smile~

Have a goodnight everyone.


Thursday, October 3, 2013

#MONTHOF10 Post 2.

  I'll make my intro short. I have 10 images of the tenth Doctor ready to post. Some days we'll have funny ones, sometimes we will have serious, fact-filled ones. I might just post pictures with no words. Yay!  OH I HAVE GIFs TOO!! I just remembered that....~Smiles wide and scary like~

These are some that my sister sent to me. A lot of the stuff she sends me ends up on here...

I have seen a lot of other pictures where they have him with cookies. I don't really know why, for they have never been mentioned before. I have seen this episode (OMgosh it was funny) and he was actually trying to get the alien, and he had a steak in his hand. 

This is TOTALLY my reaction to that song. Ugh. Thank you, Doctor.

I saw this one the other day too! I was all freaking out and like, "Hey! HEY! It's....he's.....HAH THAT'S BRILLIANT!" Hehe xD

It's a little blurry...

I love David Tennant <3

Gahh. I just wanted to post this cuz it is just too darn cute. Haters and judger-s can just keep scooting. :D 

<3 <3

Hah. I literally say this every day. This was a pretty cool episode. Anthony Head was in it. I freaked out then, only because I recognized him. And he is a pretty good actor. In the one after this episode, Angel Colby was in it. Now we are just waiting for Colin Morgan! That will make an excellent Merlin/Doctor Who post. Except, I cannot do one without Bradley James...and I don't know if he was in any of Doctor Who.

This was from the same episode I was referring too a second ago. It was called, "School Reunion," I believe. Oh, when I get to college, I am so getting up there and saying that. And anyone who gets my reference will be my best friend. xD

Love this. The shoes, the expression and the fact that he simply walked on top of the seats and then stood there.

So now, I must go. I love this BTW. :D 

I cannot wait for next Tuesday!


The Shandon Bells.

 This is a poem I came across while looking over the poetry material I am reading for school. Oh Thursdays! Latin, poetry and reading all in one day! I would rather do poetry than chemistry any day. As for Latin...I would much rather learn Italian or Old English. We'll see. Maybe I will learn 'em all.

 Anyway, this is a poem written by Francis Mahony. I just thought it sounded really, really cool. I read it aloud, and it has this sort of rhythm to it that all great poems have.

The Shandon Bells

Francis Sylvester Mahony (1804–66)

Sabbata Pango;
Funera Plango;
Solemnia Clango.

 WITH deep affection, 
And recollection,
I often think of 
Those Shandon bells, 
Whose sounds so wild would, 
In the days of childhood, 
Fling around my cradle 
Their magic spells. 
On this I ponder 
Where'er I wander, 
And thus grow fonder, 
Sweet Cork, of thee; 
With thy bells of Shandon, 
That sound so grand on 
The pleasant waters 
Of the River Lee. 

I've heard bells chiming 
Full many a clime in, 
Tolling sublime in 
Cathedral shrine, 
While at a glib rate 
Brass tongues would vibrate-- 
But all their music 
Spoke naught like thine; 
For memory, dwelling 
On each proud swelling 
Of the belfry knelling 
Its bold notes free, 
Made the bells of Shandon 
Sound far more grand on 
The pleasant waters 
Of the River Lee. 

I've heard bells tolling 
Old Adrian's Mole in, 
Their thunder rolling 
From the Vatican, 
And cymbals glorious 
Swinging uproarious 
In the gorgeous turrets 
Of Notre Dame; 
But thy sounds were sweeter 
Than the dome of Peter 
Flings o'er the Tiber, 
Pealing solemnly-- 
O, the bells of Shandon 
Sound far more grand on 
The pleasant waters 
Of the River Lee. 

There 's a bell in Moscow, 
While on tower and kiosk O! 
In Saint Sophia 
The Turkman gets, 
And loud in air 
Calls men to prayer 
From the tapering summits 
Of tall minarets. 
Such empty phantom 
I freely grant them; 
But there 's an anthem 
More dear to me,-- 
'Tis the bells of Shandon, 
That sound so grand on 
The pleasant waters 
Of the River Lee. 

So, there it is.

I love poetry.

I Google-Translated the inscription above, and if I did it right, it is Latin. And it means:
Rest to fix;
Lament deaths;
Solemn sound.

Pretty awesome. Maybe I will try to learn my Latin a little harder...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

ONE More Thing.

 Found this on Clueless Freshman:

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug TRAILER!

I wish I knew these bloggers in real life. That would be such fun, organized chaos. xD

ANYWAY! I am so horribly excited for this movie. Ugh. I cannot wait. The trailer is amazing and my reaction, and anything I could have said was already said in her, READ IT. Haha. The whole things looks amazing! I don't quite understand what is going on with Tauriel and Legolas and his dad...But it is just a trailer. WE SHALL FIND OUT IN A FEW WEEKS! :D

Okay, I seriously must go now.




This is the first day of October. What did I discover on the internet today? Well! October is the month of the 10th Doctor.

 SO! To celebrate, I am going to post things on every Tuesday and Thursday of the month (because they both start with "T" like "Ten") that are only related to the Tenth Doctor.

  ANNND this will be especially fun because this one is my favorite Doctor and David Tennant  is my favorite too. So there.

 I did however, start the Ninth Doctor last night. Oh my gosh, he is great. There are some scenes where it is so obvious that he regenerated into 10 and 11. He is portrayed by Christopher Eccleston. My sister and I did some IMDB digging and found out that he is in Thor: The Dark World. He is doing
Malekith the Accursed. WHO, we figured out, is this guy: 

\I just used my same screen. I guess he does have a name and it's not "Hockey-masked guy."

I need to go eat dinner now. It's almost 7.

Goodbye my friends. I will post more of 10 later. Yay.



 When a song gets stuck in your head, and it is there every waking minute of your life, and it never, EVER leaves, is it called an Earworm? I think it is. Except, when I think earworms, I think of those creepy things off of Star Wars that crawl into your brains and take control...Ugh. It was in the animated "Star Wars the Clone Wars" show...

 ANYWAY! I have had two songs stuck in my head for days on end now. And the biggest problem with it is that one of them is in Italian, and the next is in Spanish. Somehow, the language wall doesn't stop them from entering my brain and dancing around.

The first one is "E Ti Promettero" by Josh Groban, with Laura Pausini, I believe. It is translated to, "And I Will Promise You."

Then we have "Un Alma Mas," another song from Josh Groban. And, I did not know this, off of the same album. Hmmmm...This one has been especially catchy and stuck in my head.

SO there we have it. Both are really awesome songs, no matter what language they are in. 

I thought that maybe if I listened to them again, they would get out of my head. Don't ask me why I thought that, I just thought it might work. By the way, it did not.


Random Hobbit Stills.

  What did I do when I finished school today? I looked through a book I got from the library called The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Chronicles, Creatures and Characters. I discovered that it is the second book because the first one is Art and Design. 

 It is just a really, really cool book. I love art books and concept books and this one was amazing. There is so much information packed into these things. The things you can learn out of books like that! I didn't know that all the hair/beards/wigs was made out of actual hair! Of course, looking back, synthetic hair wouldn't look real. You have to use real hair to make hair look real. Yeah. ~facepalm~ Took me that long to figure it out.

 Anyway, there was a picture of Frodo Baggins that I thought was really neat, so I put my DVD into my computer in hopes of finding the screenshot and saving it to my computer. As it turned out, I watched the scene twice, and the picture that was in the book was not a screen-shot. It looked too good to just be a shot anyway. Someone must have taken it on set. I can't find it on Google so I can't show it to anyone. Oh, now I am sad.

 But! After that, I started taking random screenshots of the movie. I started from the beginning and just randomly paused it. Although, I will admit, there was a scene or two that I played it until I got a clearer shot. I don't like it when the images are blurry! So, without further hesitation, I bring you, my screenies. xD

 There. Honestly, my favorites are the last one, and the one of Bilbo when he was wearing the ring. I don't know exactly what that would be..."Ring wearing mode"? I don't know. Everything is like in the middle of two parallel universes. He must be in the void...

 I am now going to come to a abrupt stop so I can make another post. :D