Friday, November 29, 2013


Meh. This isn't really the face Mom made, but I drew it anyway. LOL


Friday, November 22, 2013

Something David Tennant.

This was David Tennant:
Well done, David.

And this was me:

*dreamy sigh*

Anyway! The 50th is TOMORROW! I cannot wait! Cannot wait! I have seen some pictures on it, and out of all the things, what I really want to know is why isn't his hair sticking up like usual? I asked that myself while checking my email this morning...or was I doing dishes? I don't know. But then I was all, "YOU KNOW WHAT? I BET IT WAS MATT SMITH! HE DID THAT TO HIS HAIR!! BLAAAHHHHHH." *ragequite everything I was doing*

But seriously. He seems so much older and...serious.

Imma go cry now because I don't have BBC America.

Oh, and also, The Legend of Korra Book 2 is ending tonight. :(


Thursday, November 21, 2013

How Cool Is This???

Cleaning Out My Inbox--Lots of Random Things.

I am cleaning out my email inbox. Why would this be important to my blog? Well, a lot of the things I post I don't find while I have my blogger up, so, I email them to myself. Whatever I find today will be here no matter what the category is! Isn't that fun?! Here we go.

Love this. I mean, it's evil, scared and CUTE at the same time.

And I have to post this one because this is what I scream when I pull out all 13 of my cards...I am working on collecting more...but I can't get to it. Blah. I need a Pikachu...

This is amazing. It reminds me of something Gumball and Darwin would do...these guys...I am so going to try this now. :)
Stark’s Moving Castle - Steve & Tony would make an excellent Sophie & Howl. Picture the 'tidied the bathroom/accidental hair dye' scene. Also Jarvis = Calcifer.

Okay. So, when I saw this, I laughed until my internal organs cried out for mercy. I mean, if you have seen The Avengers and Howl's Moving Castle, there is no way you could not know what this is. OH MY GOSH! They even got the art-style of Miyazki right! Love goes out to whoever made this. OMGOSH. 

I sent it to my sister and this is what I got in reply. TONY STARK MADNESS! ALRIGHT!!

That would be an EPIC sort of movie...I wonder if they would argue most of the time or just be cool with each other. OR! They could have "Who's mustache is better?" And then Jack would be all, "MINE IS BRAIDED." And then I am sure that Tony would come up with something clever to say. ♥

HAHAHAH YES! I honestly would pay to watch them have a debate. (Not really sure who the woman is, although I think it is like Tyler Perry something or another...lets not go there.) I think that Captain Sparrow, Si, Sheldon and Tony would be equal and the argument would go on forever. At any rate, Sheldon and Tony could go on and on. Then House would show up and be like, "WUT." Then all we would need is Sherlock and the Doctor to show up and then...Well, I would be watching until I expired. Yeah.

The top four would be hilarious to watch.

I know this is they say...wrong...but I can't help but think it would be for the better. Haha. But I do like everyone's reaction in the fourth picture. :D


My pictures got out of line and we are back to the kitties. :)

Every time. Does the kitty listen? Eh....most of the times, no.

And then more cats and...uh..Sheldon again. Hmm. WHY DOES HE ALWAYS SHOW UP HERE!!???? I am technically not even allowed to watch that show--my mum frowns upon it--but somehow...I think I had only looked this up because I went past the episode and Bernadette was seeing his cats and she was all like:

"Oh I love cats. The are the epitome of indifference."
I was all, "YES! YES!" But somewhere in that episode, he was just sitting in his bedroom surrounded be cats and...



(Oh, this email is chocked full of Thranduil things I had planned for a different post. Let us skip those.)

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My brother sent this to me. I thought it was awesome. Dr. Seuss is amazing. Sneetch love, going on out. :D

Embedded image permalink

Yeah. Look! We have more Pokeymans! I knew we would have some more!

My brother sends me the best things. Robert Downey Jr. I repeat this all the time now. I can't believe how funny he is in real life. Like, he's just like Tony Stark in real life...probably a little know...Tony. I had an awkward conversation about him with my mom. I may save that for another day though. *shivers* *laughs* seems we have more Iron Man/Batman things. I get sent a lot of Iron Man things...Hmmm. But this was funny. It's totally something he would do, although, I can't see Tony playing chess...

This was just...sad. Sad and cute.
That is just so cruel. It's almost as bad as something I heard my brother tell my other brother the other day:

"You are grounded until Spiderman becomes an Avenger!"

So, basically, that means forever...unless of course Spiderman does become one. Then, that threat totally backfired on brother dear...Hehe.

If Merlin and Arthur could text.

I love these texts. The ones between Merlin and Arthur are especially funny. I guess Sherlock is an emotionally-destroying show...I NEEDS TO WATCH AND FEEL THESE FEELS!!!

There’s ‘slow on the uptake’, and then there’s Arthur.

This one is my last text messages it seems. I don't think a mustache would work for him though. xD


I didn't know that they weren't finished sentences...I do this all the time. Especially when watching Doctor Who...the most used one is, "What the?"

MAYBE THAT'S HOW HE COMES BACK <<<< headcanon accepted

This is something I have done many times before. *sigh* He never comes for me.


Hehehe. YUP. Couldn't have said it better myself.

The substitute teacher with majestic hand writing.

I think I only kept this because his hand-writing was amazing...It's like LoTR font...Who has everyday font like that in real life?! It's awesome!


Good old Narnia. Not everything has to have a logical explanation. ♥

Ahah. Weird...but slightly fabulous... :)

But I am not going to post all the Nutella Memes I have been sent.


I guess next time it will be GIFs that I have been sent and seen.

Bye for now.