Thursday, January 30, 2014


There I was, derping around on the TV, clicking through channels. My show, "When Calls the Heart" was just ending.

One sec, let me say something about When Calls the Heart. When Calls the Heart is a new show on Hallmark channel. It is based on the book written by Janette Oke and directed by Michael Landon Jr. I really like the show. But I think that I only watch it because of Jack Thornton.

I said that he was a Canadian Mountie, but Mom says NO. He's a constable.

Whatever. He looks like a Mountie. HAHA.

I dunno, I think I just like him because he's nice and adorable.

He's like a cute little puppy.



Anyways, when that was over, I was derping around, looking for something else to watch. I came close to channel four, which is the PBS station, and I saw the blurry, patched-in side of someones face.

*throws my whole body off of the couch and sits four inches away from the television*


*Margaret sees it too and throws herself off of the couch and we both land hardly and loudly on the floor*

(Because it is so obvious when you see the side of Benny Cumberbatch's face. Hehe)

So. Apperently, on Saturday and Sunday nights, they play a "Masterpiece Mystery" on the WVIZ PBS channel! And IT WAS SHERLOCK.

It seemed to be the new episode. Sherlock was *spoiler spoilering while he was explaining to Anderson why he spoilers spoilering while he was spoilering and that is why he spoilered.*

It was only the last half hour of it, and then we watched the little special after it that was showing how they made it and such. It was really cool. It was on again on Sunday, but we didn't watch it because of spoilers.

Anyway, I learned that my cousin...Well, she's my cousin's wife, so would that make her my Cousin-In-Law? Hmmm...SHE LIKES SHERLOCK TOO!!!!!!! She mentioned it when I went over to babysit her little girl and OMG WE FREAKED OUT LIKE TWO TEENAGE GIRLS!!! And basically, that's only true for one of us. *Peace fingers* And then she was all, "Do you know an actor...Cillian Murphy?" And I DIED.

Because, naturally, I do know of him and he is like one of my favorites...Seriously...I am like really fascinated with him...Hmmm.

Anyway! She did mention Margaret and I coming over to watch the new episode...


We just have to wait for the library to get us Seasons one and two so we can catch up.


That's that, then. I really just wanted to rant on how excited I was to find Sherlock on the TV. I cannot control my emotions and excitement sometimes...




Thursday, January 23, 2014


♫ Working on my Toothless plushie. La la la la la♫

I am using this tutorial:

It's only in scrap fleece so I can get a basic idea of how it is put together before I use my expensive black fleece. Hehe. So this Toothless is blue and purple.

I am almost done with the body! The head is complete!


Friday, January 17, 2014

Another Crazy Dream

So, among other crazy stuff going on, I had a dream that River Song and the Doctor had a baby. I got to hold it. It was really cute and I was happy and when I woke up in the morning, I told Margaret about it.

Then it was like, "That's great, but you know that couldn't have happened because River Song died. Remember? She went back in time and died?"

This was me:


That's where the conversation ended.

I do think, however, that River Song would have made an awesome Mother. She would have to get out of prison somehow...

Wow. My posts have been so melancholy...

But Blogger won't let me post videos so I can't post anything that I want! And they were fun things too...

Alright, have a great weekend. I have to finish an epic Anime-kick. It's just like me to save four hours of anime for Friday when the DVD goes back tomorrow.

My love,


Crying so Hard at This

gif 1k ** fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood Elicia Hughes Gracia Hughes fma:b fullmetal alchemist brothers yeah i

gif 1k ** fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood Elicia Hughes Gracia Hughes fma:b fullmetal alchemist brothers yeah i

gif 1k ** fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood Elicia Hughes Gracia Hughes fma:b fullmetal alchemist brothers yeah i

gif 1k ** fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood Elicia Hughes Gracia Hughes fma:b fullmetal alchemist brothers yeah i

gif 1k ** fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood Elicia Hughes Gracia Hughes fma:b fullmetal alchemist brothers yeah i

gif 1k ** fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood Elicia Hughes Gracia Hughes fma:b fullmetal alchemist brothers yeah i



Just leave me alone to cry.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Post Period-Drama Depression.

The other day, sister and I finished yet another BBC miniseries Drama. This time, it was Little Dorrit. Adapted from the book written by Charles Dickens.

I thought it was rather good! Matthew Macfadyen has some really sweet roles (I'm not just saying this because I am obsessed with Mr. Darcy at the moment. Sorry Colin Firth. xD) and this was no exception! The whole mini-series consisted of 14 episodes. They are a half an hour each, so we tore through it with a speed unknown to human-kind. xD


Mr. Darcy as Arthur Clenham:

Pride and Prejudice's Mr. Darcy (Matthew MacFadyen)
Matthew Macfadyen
Little Dorrit (2008)

I don't know why I chose that particular picture of Darcy. I just liked it, I suppose. Hmm. I have many more, so I *guess* I will just *have* to post them later. If I must. *Evil Grin*

We also had some Whovians on cast too!They just kept coming and coming!
For example:

Martha Jones as Tattycoram. But her actual name was Harriet. :)

Freema Agyeman aka Martha Jones
Freema Agyeman

Rory Williams as Edward Dorrit:

Rory Williams
Arthur Darvill

Oh dear, it was SO funny when he entered the scene and leaned up against the door! We were like, "IT'S RORY IT'S RORY NO WAY NO WAY!!." And then when Freema showed up, "They're popping out of the ground like daisies!"

And then we have Alonso (this guy is from Doctor Who. I think he only appeared twice. The Doctor was SO happy when he found out what his name was. For reasons that will become apparent. Hehe.) who was John Chivery.
Christmas Doctor Who
Russel Tovey

John was great. He was really, really sad because Amy had refused to marry him, but he got along pretty well after that and treated Mr. Clenham very nicely when he had hard times fallen upon him.

Little Dorrit

And then we have Fanny and Amy Dorrit. I think it is pretty apparent who Amy is. Aren't the ones named Fanny always dolled up so? That is so strange.

There are many other characters, and her father is someone who I think I may have seen in a different period drama. I don't know. I will have to look him up.

So now, since we don't have a show at the moment, we are looking into new ones that we haven't seen yet. I think the next one may be one called "Cranford." If I got the name right, Tom Hiddleston is in that one. He's only in two episodes, but I really would like to see him in something else besides Thor. I did love his character in War Horse. And when I realized who it was, I was sad when it was a full scene of horses and soldiers running, and then warfare and such, and then, horse-no soldier. That was the last we saw of him. Same with Benedict Cumberbatch's character. He got taken by the Germans and we never saw him again.

Oh, and on that Cumberbatch note, I am watching Sherlock. My hold should come in by Saturday. Yay for Libraries!

Bye bye,


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Strangest of Dreams

Last night I had a pretty strange dream. It was rather hot in the bedroom because it's like negative six outside at night and my mom turned the heat up. So you sometimes wake up in the middle of the night because you are so super warm! (This is relevant, but I can't remember why.)

Anyway, it was really weird, the part I could remember. Richard Armitage came over for dinner. I got to sit next to him at the table. And he looked at me like this:

And I was like.


Then he smiled at me and I woke up.

But how awesome would it be to have Mr. Armitage over for dinner? I wonder what kind of food he likes.




Friday, January 3, 2014

Doctor Who at Comic Con 2009--Bonus Feature Screenshots

The other day, I believe it was actually two days after Christmas, we watched the last of David Tennant on Doctor Who. Before that, while we were waiting for holds to be filled, we ended up watching two seasons of Matt Smith before we even saw the last final episodes of the Tenth Doctor. When we were done with that, we kind of needed something so that we didn't go away completely depressed. That's when we found the bonus features.

These shots I snipped out of the whole Comic Con segment because I found them the most humorous.

They were taking questions:

Random Guy: I’m sad to see you go. But is there any possibility that you would come back for some charity specials or even a movie?

I think, in reality, David Tennant is a REAL Timelord. He had seen this in the future and then had come back to deny it at Comic Con so that no one would know that he was a Timelord in real life.

My theory is without fail. Yeah.

In one of the pictures, I had drawn a little red arrow because I couldn't get over the look on Russel's face. Then the one under it, David looks a bit panicked. Haha.

Then he's all. "Don't Twitter that."


I red arrowed this one because he was pouting. Pouting. Hahaha.

The only thing my mind could think of was a sad gif of Chris. The Ninth Doctor was really awesome. I mean, everyone who comes here knows that Ten is my favorite, but I really did like Christopher Eccleston. He was great. :)

Naw, you know what, Chris would look more like this:


I was going through my Doctor Who screenies and found this one.

That was from the episode when Martha Jones came in. And, for me, it was the second episode of  Doctor Who I had seen... :) He was talking about Benjamin Franklin and electricity. Let me see if I have the whole thing.


Yes, well, now I have to go. This has been the second post of 2014! Doctor Who and The Hobbit. What a way to start another year on the blog.

Be back soon!


Thranduil and His Fabulousness.

Apparently, my mind has been subconsciously building up enough pictures and planning for this particular blog post. I have like three emails that I sent to myself full of Thranduil...I don't even really care how many times it has been done! I wanted to do it myself!

perfection made by me the hobbit Lee Pace Thranduil Thorin strangehighs Desolation of Smaug he is pure perfection

the hobbit 1000 cries mygraphics dos Thranduil hobbitedit Desolation of Smaug I JUST NEED IT ON MY BLOG OK

And then I found some good coat-flipping ones. The Anastasia one made me laugh more than I thought healthy. Eh. Oh well. xD

And then we have this:

Which I think spiraled into a crazy thing that won't ever go away...from this:

I saw this picture long, long ago, but I never got around to posting it. I had repinned it though, all those weeks ago. But the Tranduil/Loki fanart is just...I don't know, funny. I have even seen some where Loki is kneeling to Thranduil. THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN PEOPLE. So yeah, if I find any more Thranduil/Loki fanart (and not the creepy horrible kind where people ship them) I will poooooooost it!

Back to what I was saying.



Thranduil = Gaston (from

Uh....GASTON. This really made me laugh. Wow. It's awesome. Hehehe.

kudos to the costume maker.

And this is a better version of the party Thranduil. Hahaha. Besides the glasses, this cosplay is pretty spot on. It's funny how I will stare at cosplays online and admire them and then go sulk because I can't or don't do it myself...I WILL DO IT. BLAHHH.

Then I found a gif set. 

This also has the robe flipping too. Hehe.


I found these on a tumblr (well it was linked from Pinterest) called "Thranduilings." Yeah, it is a pretty good tumblr page...funny things, but they have some slight language so I don't think I'll be posting them. *sad face*

And it is all because--

the hobbit sneak peek so sorry Thranduil kadeart Desolation of Smaug

 I had to do it.

Then there would be Legolas. Heheee.

"Can you imagine Thranduil telling Legolas “I love you” while looking down majestically at him atop his Majestic Steed with his Majestic Crown on with a Majestic, fabulous glare in his eyes? And Legolas is like,



(I "quoted" the parts that where there when I found the picture. The formatting process kind of messed that up.)

One last thing to finish it all. The parenting obviously rubbed off on Legolas. Hahah.

THE GLASSES ARE BACKKKK. Loving Aragorn's facepalm. Hehe.

You're welcome.