Friday, October 26, 2012

Instead of a Cheese Documentary.

 I have been working through walls (the walls that block my ideas that is.) It is getting a little simpler to write now that I have a couple things to get me to do it. Firstly, I usually wake up with a song in my head. So what I do it write down the song name and singer, and then I force myself to write a couple paragraphs about it. Whether it be an essay-like piece, or something I could eventually put into one of my stories. Secondly I found that having new music to listen to helps me as well. Like if I change the channel on the radio from country to pop or just buying a new cd from the store.

 This week I actually bought two albums. On Monday I went to Wal-mart for Taylor Swift’s Red and ended up finding Eric Church’s Chief album. (Which I had been looking for FOREVER…Sometimes the music is all mixed up, so it’s harder to find things.) In the end, Red was bought on Tuesday because it wasn't there Monday.

 Now I told myself that I would listen to the cd a couple times before I decided what I should write about it. First off: It is much different from her last 3 records. A few songs are completely “pop style.” It is a good blend with the couple slow, more country songs. There was not a song that I didn't like. My favorites would have to be—

1. Stay Stay Stay (Adorably cute song. Omg.)

2. Begin Again

3. The Last Time (With Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol)

4. Everything has Changed (Featuring Ed Sheeran)

5. (These are not in order, but The Last Time is basically on the top…)

 And basically, I really like each and every song. 22 is fun to dance to as is I Knew You Were Trouble. It is a fun album. And I really like it. I actually caught the Begin Again music video as I was typing this up…That was more of what I thought it would be--Really awesome. :)

 What I really wanted to blog about was Eric Church’s Creepin’ music video. I really like the theme of it…I thought it was amazing when I saw it. The song is totally awesome too. Springsteen is probably, for me, the best song that came out this year. But here is Creepin’ since I already blogged Springsteen ♥ 
 Anyway, other than that, my week has been pretty beige…I have been in extreme muscle pain for the last few days. Why? Because I thought that using a jump rope for exercising would be fun. Ya know, instead of the boring treadmill…But now I know the real truth…JUMP ROPES ARE EVIL.

I have to get up at the absurd hour of 6am tomorrow, so I guess I should go.

Have a great weekend!

 (PS. I am in the long process of updating the blog. SO if things start to look  a little different...Yeah....)

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