Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Luke, ich bin dein Vater.

  I am not bored.  Quite the contrary, actually, I have much to do and no time to do it!  I have collected a reasonably good bunch of words to use as a blog post, but I can never find the right time to post such things. Today, however, is just a thought-filled post. Some things I have learned, done, and thought over through the week.

  As for the German, I read a book called “Waiting for Summer’s Return,” by Kim Vogel Sawyer.  Most of the town spoke High German. So I learned a couple German words in the course of reading that book. It was really interesting to me for some reason…Probably because I enjoy listening to foreign languages…And I am in the process of learning Latin, so different languages and where they originated is kind of cool to me right now. The classic phrase, “Luke, I am your Father,” was something my sister randomly typed into the Google Translate. It kind of stuck in my mind as a good title for a random blog post, such as this. :)

  Skipping through the pages of “The Art of Howl’s Moving Castle” (EPIC book if you love concept art ^^) I realized how much I LOVE concept art. Heh. ♥

 I read on of the more recent Penguins with Jet Packs posts, that she had done a cute little rainbow gif, I believe it is called. That got me thinking.  I have been trying to figure out the name/ how to make pictures such as this,

since I found this one a couple weeks back. (Because I think they are so cool!) And I am pretty sure that that is what they are now…A big thanks to Elizabeth! :) (If I am correct about the matter anyway... I misunderstand things sometimes...........)

 Another wonderful Bologna dish brought to you by my father. A Sunday afternoon dinner that consisted of:
  • ·         Bologna
  • ·         Lettuce
  • ·         Tomato
  • ·         American Cheese
  • ·         AND MAYO!
  •       And bread. Toasted bread ^^

All grilled up and toasty! :)
 I am a little bummed out today because (once again! \>:( ) I have misplaced my envelopes of pressed rose petals. I had waited for the rose petals to drop—and pulled a couple out a couple—earlier this year. Like, spring. They turned out really cool after weeks of sitting under  5 Encyclopedias…Now I can’t seem to find them.

 Today I happened to walk outside and found that the big pink petals had fallen! So I scooped them up, dried ‘em off, and stuck them into two different envelopes and stuck them under a box, THEN I put the stack of Wedding Dress folders on top of the box. The box is probably caved in right now, but I just put all the classic literature into the attic. You’ll see em probably when I pull them out in a month or so…

I have nothing cool to close this up with besides the fact that King Caspian is MUCH cooler than Prince Caspian...More to come...

 ~Natsu ♥

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