Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Ugh. Ugh. Ya know, I absolutely can't stand GREAT Naruto Cosplay. You want to know why? BECAUSE IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY AND EXCITED!! Then I want to buy a couple wigs and go to a Convention...Ugh. But kudos to all ya'll awesome cosplayers...I will be going to a convention some day soon. Even if it kills me.

 Oh, so New Year's exercise idea? So far, no go. And I am actually really bummed out. But it is so cold out of the house and that is were the treadmill is. The ceilings are two low to jump rope in the house, and I...kind of like Ice Cream...I tried to get like a Rock Lee attitude about it. Saying that I would lose those holiday pounds. I have a motivation now. COMIC CON 2013!!

Well, I have to because I have nothing else to say for today. I am going to draw a picture for a friend and I need to do Sai research. Meh...Not that it isn't enjoyable...BLEH.



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