Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in 12 Favorite Posts.

Alright, it is somewhere around 10 pm...It is already 2013 in certain countries...So, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

 What I have decided to do is take all 12 months, and post my personal favorites of each month. So, we will start with January!

January- This one is called "One of The Greats." I chose this one out of all the January posts because I laugh every time I see it.

February- I chose this one because it is basically just my Cat...When he was little...♥

March- Ah, so I actually have two for this month. And for good reasons too. We have music videos from Miranda Lambert and one from Taylor Swift. Here and here.

April- This one for April because I love these songs. I was listening to the CMT radio show they play on the Weekends, and Springsteen was number one this year!! I was so super excited because the song is brilliant...

May- Lookie... because I loved this poster....

June- There was absolutely no question about this one...It has to be my favorite of this month. Woot. Or should I say, OO OO OOA OWAH A AH! Heh.

July- This one for the comic...SO many of those things are funny, and then there are some that you are just like, "what??" But this one, meh. Awesome. CLICK!

 Take a pause here to stare up at the Twilight Zone...Strange, wonderful show....Hmmm...

August is next, correct? Here we go- Dis, and dis. The first one because I love how they did "A Thousand Years." The second, because, well, it's Howl. So really, no choice there. Hehe.

September- Eh, there wasn't much posted in Sep, so here: CLICKITY DOO DA!

October- This one, cuz well, Creepin' is on it. Yeah. 

November- Well, when I wrote this one, it was my Birthday. SO there. My reason. LOL--

December- *takes a breath* The last one and the last one of December of 2012...The winner is, Dragon's and Christmas Lights. :)

 AH so there we are! I need to take a break to see Taylor Swift preform on the ABC New Year show. Right after Gangnan Style...*Yeah*

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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