Friday, January 3, 2014

Thranduil and His Fabulousness.

Apparently, my mind has been subconsciously building up enough pictures and planning for this particular blog post. I have like three emails that I sent to myself full of Thranduil...I don't even really care how many times it has been done! I wanted to do it myself!

perfection made by me the hobbit Lee Pace Thranduil Thorin strangehighs Desolation of Smaug he is pure perfection

the hobbit 1000 cries mygraphics dos Thranduil hobbitedit Desolation of Smaug I JUST NEED IT ON MY BLOG OK

And then I found some good coat-flipping ones. The Anastasia one made me laugh more than I thought healthy. Eh. Oh well. xD

And then we have this:

Which I think spiraled into a crazy thing that won't ever go away...from this:

I saw this picture long, long ago, but I never got around to posting it. I had repinned it though, all those weeks ago. But the Tranduil/Loki fanart is just...I don't know, funny. I have even seen some where Loki is kneeling to Thranduil. THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN PEOPLE. So yeah, if I find any more Thranduil/Loki fanart (and not the creepy horrible kind where people ship them) I will poooooooost it!

Back to what I was saying.



Thranduil = Gaston (from

Uh....GASTON. This really made me laugh. Wow. It's awesome. Hehehe.

kudos to the costume maker.

And this is a better version of the party Thranduil. Hahaha. Besides the glasses, this cosplay is pretty spot on. It's funny how I will stare at cosplays online and admire them and then go sulk because I can't or don't do it myself...I WILL DO IT. BLAHHH.

Then I found a gif set. 

This also has the robe flipping too. Hehe.


I found these on a tumblr (well it was linked from Pinterest) called "Thranduilings." Yeah, it is a pretty good tumblr page...funny things, but they have some slight language so I don't think I'll be posting them. *sad face*

And it is all because--

the hobbit sneak peek so sorry Thranduil kadeart Desolation of Smaug

 I had to do it.

Then there would be Legolas. Heheee.

"Can you imagine Thranduil telling Legolas “I love you” while looking down majestically at him atop his Majestic Steed with his Majestic Crown on with a Majestic, fabulous glare in his eyes? And Legolas is like,



(I "quoted" the parts that where there when I found the picture. The formatting process kind of messed that up.)

One last thing to finish it all. The parenting obviously rubbed off on Legolas. Hahah.

THE GLASSES ARE BACKKKK. Loving Aragorn's facepalm. Hehe.

You're welcome.


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  1. Best collection of Thranduil I've seen in a long time!!! XD Great job.

    In Pace Christi,