Friday, February 15, 2013

A Rant and…Something That Rhymes with Rant I guess…


I apologize for not giving any love to either of my blogs. The internet was out and a guy had to come to fix it. It still isn’t working that well.

Anyway, this post today will basically be the Pros and Cons of my week. All in one paragraph or less! And the rant I suppose…

Well! I watched Batman Begins for the first time and I was really pleased with it. Christian Bale sounded more like Christian Bale than Batman—which is awesome, I have mentioned it before—and I guessed right when I said, “Wow, that guy standing next to him in that prison cell sounds a lot like Aslan.” I was RIGHT! It was Neeson! It was awesome because two of my favorite voice actors were in the same room! I was also right when I said that the Butler Alfred sounded like Finn McMissle from Cars 2, because it is! We were watching Season 2 of Merlin—my sister and I have only been in touch with this show since Season 4. We love it to death and back—and there was a guy on their called Cedric. Sitting there staring at him for the majority of the episode, I finally shout, “HE LOOKS LIKE RAGETTI!!!” And it was Mackenzie Crook. This Guy:---------------------------------------------------------->
Mackenzie Crook Picture                                                                                                     
  AND I WAS RIGHTTTTT!! Again. I was so happy. I am also happy because Merlin will be on tonight. Yay! 

My rant includes these topics:

Merlin is coming down to its last season. That’s what I have heard. Now, Merlin is about the only good thing on TV at this time. Save Jeopardy and eh, yeah, Wheel of Fortune..until The Legend of Korra comes back…of course.

THERE WILL BE A SEVENTH STAR WARS!!!!!! WHY WOULD THIS BE A BAD THING!?! WELL, I DON’T THINK THAT GEORGE LUCAS WILL BE DIRECTING IT. THIS IS WHAT THE INTERNET SAID. WHY AM I SHOUTING?! Now, I don’t know for sure if this is true. As far as I know, they don’t have a director yet. But in my personal opinion, if it ain’t George Lucas, it ain't Star Wars.

Like, “If it ain’t Vorpal, it ain’t dead.” –A quote from Alice in Wonderland.

Um, another thing…Cars 2 is a strange, strange thing. More to come considering that the library’s copy was too scratched to watch.

One last thing of the week, something I found on a website. Actually, I was there--watching it--on tv--when this boy did this. And I thought it was EPIC! I was so happy that this guy won. I had been watching the Teen Jeopardy this year from the very beginning, and I was so glad when Leo made it to the championships. Now, I think it would have been fine if Niali—I think that’s how his name is spelled—won. But Leo’s attitude was awesome. That was the best episode of the whole Teen tournament. See— CLICK HERE

And then, on the same site, there is a video of Goats screaming like people. It is amazingly awesome...My Dad sent it to me :D

Okay then, I am done now. Thanks for listening. Heh.


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