Monday, February 25, 2013

Something from a Sunday night search...

 ALRIGHT! So, as of yesterday, my two new favorite web sites are this one here and this one here. 

I found some pictures on there that I have to Blog because they are ♫awwwweeeesoommmmeee♫

Awww, this is cute. I like Korra’s huge pants.
Some friends and I tried to go to the Adventure Time tribute show at Nucleus Gallery this past Saturday, but the line wrapped around the whole building. It was like Comic Con in Alhambra! So we went back to my house and watched MMA instead.
There are a whole bunch more, but to get those, I would have to scroll through all 26 pages of his tumblr....But there are two that I would like to blog because I loved them especially.

Joaquim’s is much better than mine.

Hey guys! We finally made it! Korra officially premiers tomorrow (April 14th) on Nickelodeon!

Hehe ♥  Bolin in a bow-tie....Love love love.


Yay ♥

Happy ten years, buddy.

And then this one. Yay!


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