Tuesday, March 18, 2014

GIFs and Pictures! Yay!

So...only some of these have an emotional backstory to them. I think I'll just post them in the order I found them in. It's just, you want to blog them SO badly at the time you find them, but you found them on somebody else's computer or something, and then you send them to yourself, and when you finally get to blog them...ya don't wanna.

Yeah, so, it looks like I found all the Rainbow ones. Haha.

Then I got these from my sister:

Then a picture of a cat with a mustache that Matt sent to me...

Image preview
It's cute.
More cat stuff from Matt.
Stupid cat. random pic i found from the interwebs, thought " hey people on fj would love this! " so here you go!. lar; Elan (

Something I sent to my sister:

Her reply:


Something random I laughed so hard at for NO reason at all.

More stuff sister sent. From Heather Dixon's blog. Hehe.

The other day I ran into a high school acquaintance. 

This is always nerve-wracking. I was kind of a loser in high school.

She was nice, though. She was like: 

"I saw you on campus the other day."

And I was like:

"O rlly? We shoulda said hai!"
And she was like:

"You were talking to yourself."
And I was like:

And she said:

" A lot."

And I was like:
And she was like:

"Your hands were moving and stuff."
And I was like:

"Let's talk about something else!"

Heather Dixon is SO FUNNY! And, to my sister's delight, Heather is writing another book!! I loved her first one too, so I am also excited. 

Something creepy my brother made:

Embedded image permalink

Then more emailed gifs. It NEVER ENDS!

I guess I was tired at the time.

Then it just gets random...
Josh Hutcherson??


Evil smile? hah.
And then all the things Margaret sent in reply.

Love the smile at the end of this.

Colin and Bradley dorking around. Heh.



Yeah, I am getting tired.

And then:

That made me laugh.

Because the interviewer was so serious and he was so thrown off.

Embedded image permalink


Embedded image permalink

This was really funny.

Then some excited gifs? Oh, that's when Margaret found out about Heather's second book. She emails me for the strangest reasons.



THEN SHE SPAMMED ME WITH JOHN THORNTON IMAGES. I'm not gonna post those. My brain would melt before I pressed publish.

Pic of Colin Morgan and Tom Hiddleston. Much yes!

Tom Hiddleston and Colin Morgan… I have lost the ability to can…...

Merlin funny:

Colin Morgan - Merlin behind the scenes (gif). Cols is so adorable!

I am now getting bored. But at some point in time, this was all relevant, and now, I'm not feeling it. Haha. I'll finish up now.

TINY THOR!! This was so cute!

Screamed the first time I saw that. No joke.


So, I think I am done with that round. It has been much fun!!


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  1. Okay, I was giggling my way through this whole post. The gifs are all very relevant in my life right now... XD

    I've got that one of Loki with Thor's hammer with the caption 'PARTY HARD'. Ahahaha.

    In Pace Christi,