Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Who Wants to Watch Videos?

My inbox for my email is so PACKED with things I have sent to myself. I meant to blog them, I really did. I am getting to that...soon. This particular post will be all the videos. Then I might have one for pics and then one for gifs. It's not everyday that I have an afternoon where I am bored to death. So, this is what I am doing for this afternoon. Hah. Enjoy.

It was like, 11pm when I found this video. I think I watched it twice. It was SO FUNNY! I couldn't believe how great it was! I mean, I have HUGE musical respect for these two, and to see them derping around on stage was awesome. :D

I actually think I sent it to my sister with a bunch of "Rainbow puking" gifs. I was gonna blog those, but I don't really feel like it anymore. Heh. Though...I probably will.

This was a scene that was cut from Doctor Who. I think it may have been when Amy just arrived for good. I thought it was note-worthy because Amy asked him what kind of Gandalf he was anyway, and he responded, "A space Gandalf." Hehe. 

I just realized that the Eleventh Doctor is over. I finished him. Aw, now I'm sad. I really went into it as a skeptic because it wasn't David Tennant, but now, I'm gonna miss him. 

These few coming up seem to be when I was looking for my favorite piano pieces. Enjoy.







 The one link I couldn't get working was Rose's Them from the Doctor Who Soundtrack. That's an epic track. :)

Then I think I went through the Cello phase...

These were REALLY cool though.

I just cannot get these to line up right! Stupid blogger. Frustrating.

These seem to be North and South videos and then just some random videos I found. That Benedict Cumberbatch one is really funny. His David Tennant impression made me somewhat angry...? Haha. It was great though.


This one, "Stay" I think it's called. This was really cool.


Then the proposal, which was radical.




This was amazing. Love this song.

Then we have that video I talked about:

I think, then, I hit like the Japanese Anime theme songs. I have been into those, lately. Like, REALLY.

Then my favorite Naruto Theme. It's from season 2. Called, "Bluebird." I almost know all the Japanese lyrics. Hehe. And then a violin cover that was amazing.


ONE MORE....Piano cover. From the Little Dorrit miniseries. It's awesome. :) I actually have the sheet music to this I think...


So, let me see if I can find anything else that needs to go here.

Nope! I think that is everything!


I shall be back with pics and gifs!


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