Thursday, May 22, 2014

Owl City!

Hey everyone! I have been through one heck of an evening. Our second goat, Nibbles, gave birth to two beautiful white babies that are the sweetest thing ever! I was just on the internet because I am taking a break in my Downton Abbey (I ripped through seasons one and two) and I needed a break.

SO! Owl City videos!! Owl City is Adam Young, and he is one of my favorites!! His music is awesome, and this guys is so funny. I follow him on Twitter and I...I can't believe how funny he is. Some of the stuff he posts is so hilarious. Oh man.

I think some of the best songs of his are Plant Life, Fireflies, and my most favorite, Deer in the Headlights. Imma just go on youtube and find a bunch of videos and post what I feel like posting.

Have fun :D

I love this one. The vintage toys are AWESOME.


Deer in the Headlights. This is one of my absolute favorites. I saw this one a long time ago, and I stared and stared, like, "What??" It's odd, but awesome.

I just actually found this one now, but I love it. Gotta find what album it's on.

The only thing I can think while watching this one is: WHY IS ADAM SO DANG CUTE???? AUHGHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.

Yeah, I feel troubled about it. :D

Well. I am going to say goodnight! 



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