Monday, February 6, 2012


I am totally motivated...To do nothing. LOL. I have decided to get out of my room and move to the rooms with WIFI...

So I am listening too 'New Favorite' by Alison Krauss. I think that is how you spell her name. I thought it would be better to change the music from an ongoing Lady Antebellum loop and get out of my bedroom. I have been up there for a while. Writing and crocheting. Woo!

I get down and go to the popcorn. I opened the little door to the machine and I ate some popcorn. It is about three days old maybe. So I throw some in my mouth and scream, "I LOVE POPOCORN!" At the top of my lungs. My sister comes up to me and says, "why are you standing there? Why don't you just get a bowl and put some popcorn in there?"

I look at her and say response, "walk two steps to get a bowl? NOT HAPPENING!" The kitchen is about two steps away from the popper and I guess I just wanted to stand there and eat popcorn. She goes, "wow, you are too lazy to go get a bowl?"  She walks into the kitchen and gets me a bowl. Then she hands it to me. While she is doing that, I scream,"YEAH!!"Answering her question about being lazy. LOL. That's how my 4:30 pm went. How was yours?

My whole day felt like the 'Two Thirty Feeling.' Hah. So I spend my time now being jealous of Adam Richman and his SAMMICH ADVENTURES!! Yay Sammiches!!  And I am trying to get Scrabble to work on my Netbook....I wonder? ;)

Anyway, can you believe how fast January went? I can't believe it. And I also can't believe that I don't  have a two paged blog post about how I love Tator Tots. Or Potatoe Puffs....I don't care what they are. They are my fave.....O_O!

Oh and by the time I finish here, I am back on the LADY A music.


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