Sunday, April 22, 2012


 Things that happened this weekend:

I got a new camera. A Canon. Super pumped about that. Seriously, the quality of the pictures is like something you wouldn't believe.

Saw the official "Wanted" music video. Hunter Hayes. You'll probably see that around here sometime.

I guess it is going to snow...Oh man....

Apparently I am not a Jedi, but a "Nerd-i."

I learned that I cannot drive a motorcycle. Crashed the thing twice. (Whoever drove by as I took that face-plant into the mud, I hope you enjoyed it. Cuz it was REALLY funny. LOL.) And I will NOT be doing it anytime soon. :)

Learned that my Uncle reads my blog, so a HUGE SUPER HI! THANKS FOR READING! Goes out to him.   ♥

Disney's Bedtime Stories is funny every-time no matter how many times you watch it.

I quote at least ONE thing from a movie every day. (Kinda Geeky...BUT AWESOME!)

I wanted to share this. Told ya that there would be some. Ya know in earlier posts and such. Finn's Friends Song. AWESOME

And one more thing:

Taken from 10,00 Jokes Toasts & Stories. Page 397. College Wit And Humor. [4136]

" And then one day she turned and saw that he was smiling at her! She smiled back at him! No, he didn't turn away, he didn't disappear-he looked at her more intently than before!

  'Smile like that again,' he said.

She blushed and dimpled. And he laughed and laughed.

'Just as I thought," he said. "You look like a chipmunk.'"

The end. See you later.


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