Friday, April 13, 2012

Oh Deary Me...

 Hey. I haven't been here in forever... SO! Lets get moving!


 I found this yesterday while looking on DeviantArt for images of Sai (Naruto Shippuden)...AND LOVED IT! If you know how Sakura is, you will understand.  ♥

 Back to the real business, I spend my evenings writing and listening to multiple radio stations. If I get bored of Katy Perry, I move on to a local country station. And I found my new favorite song! "Springsteen" by Eric Church.  Lemmi see If I can find a video for it. Not sure that they have an Official one out yet, but I can at least look for the lyric ones. ^_^

Okay so I found this one. I hope it will work. 

I am also so excited because the Legend of Korra is FINALLY HERE!! That is the series that follows Avatar  The Last Airbender. I can't wait to see. Avatar is going to be hard to top....

ANYWAY!!! I KNOW THERE WAS MORE TO SAY!!! YEAH! Got it.  So I offered to post some links for my friend. Seven To Seven Seamstress. She does custom sewn items. Like dresses, hats, bags, purses, the whole enchilada! (Okay, she doesn't make enchiladas but I was making a point.) 

You can find her here : Seven to Seven Seamstress Facebook.

Alright well, I hope to be back here shortly.



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