Friday, March 1, 2013

Belated things-So Sorry!

Well, to start this post, this past Wednesday was Josh Groban's Birthday...So, HAPPY BELATED-BIRTHDAY TO HIM!! YOU ARE GREAT! BELIEVE IT! There, now that that is out of my system--been  wanting to blog that for days, but I didn't have the time to blog it on Wednesday--we shall continue with our regularly scheduled randomness. Thank you for shopping with us today. ♥

 ~sigh~ So, things I have accomplished this week include the following:

 I have started watching Naruto Shippuden while I continue to read the manga. There was a part in the volume I just finished that really made me sad because I am a total Sakura, Rock Lee shipper..

Rock Lee's reaction to what Sakura told Naruto...Now I don't know why Yamato reacted in the same way...Maybe he
liked Sakura too...Lol
But I really REALLLLLLY hope that there is still hope where Hinata is concerned. Naruto and Hinata are so cute together...~sigh~

THEN I believe that Sai tries to make it better. From earlier experiments, it seems that Sai tries SOOOOO hard to make things right and do the right things, and he ends up messing the situation up even more. But he means well, that's why he's awesome. Heh.

Among other things, I drew Sasuke Uchiha, and I finished Love Comes Softly the book. It was really nothing like the movie...but it was really really good, nevertheless.

~sigh~ I am so tired.

My sister sent me another batch of GIFs that she finds on the internet. My favorite is this one, but if you haven't ever seen Gravity Falls, you won't understand it. Same goes for those who haven't seen Korra....

So many GIFs make their way to this blog....LOL.... LOVE THIS




PS: Merlin isn't on tonight, so I will probably be moping until next Friday. Boo.Hiss. 

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