Thursday, February 6, 2014

Real Life Things and Such.

Hello, hello everyone. I haven't been on for so long...I am just so lazy. *goes and checks last post date* It has been a week since I wrote last. Wow. It has been a long week.

Anyway, not much has happened. I applied for a job and this morning got an email saying that they were going to "consider other applicants." Honestly, I wish they would just come out and say, "YOU DIDN'T GET THE JOB!! AHAHAHAHA!!" But hey, go ahead and use your big, fancy words, Pizza Hut. *evil laugh* I won't be going back there again. Haha. Naw, I am just kidding.

I am going to do another Inbox spring-cleaning when I get a chance. I have a bunch of videos, gifs, and pictures to post. Lately, it's been hard to post videos because Blogger won't let me post them. They never load.

We went over to my cousin's house on Monday and watched the first episode of the third season of Sherlock. Margaret didn't see very much of it because she was playing with our little second cousin who dubbed her "aunt." (This is great because she dubbed me "big sister" and sister beats aunt. Hehe.) I really thought it was great. I think it's hilarious how everyone thinks John can't go out with a woman. But I think that they do get married. I did see a little of the second episode of the third season and I am pretty sure that it was their wedding. I don't really remember her name...Was it Mary?


Now that I look at it, I really don't like the coloring of my blog. I thought about changing it, but I usually do that in October and I don't want to mess my schedule up because I am fickle. So it may or may not change. I'll have to see what happens.

It was Elijah Wood's birthday the other day. I think he is somewhere around 32...maybe? The. Man. Does. Not. Age. I seriously think he is a Hobbit in real life. Hehe. 'Cept he's a little taller.

Hmm, was there anything else I wanted to say?

Oh yes. Last weekend, I saw Catching Fire with my brother. It was pretty close to the book, and all in all, besides the little stunt Johanna pulled in the elevator, I really liked it. Compared to the movie, the book was so much more violent. It lived up to the hype, I think. And I know this will put a hole in my brother's heart, but for some reason, I love hearing Jennifer Lawrence scream. Like, she's so good at it. "PEETA!" "FINNICK!" "AHHH!!"

I enjoyed it.

Because it is not often I talk about my real life, it is strange when I do. Because nothing really does happen.

OH! We are getting goats on Saturday! Dad has been prepping a goat barn next to the bigger barn and it will finally be used! And I think that the goats are coming pregnant, so we will have little baby goats too. The only thing with that is that there might be two goats with child (I guess that would be "kid" instead? Puns. No? Okay.) and he has never done goat birth before.

It's turning into a real farm again! We have two pigs, their names being Alf and Stuart. They are really big now, and according to my brothers, very stupid. But the funny thing is, if you blow in their faces, they make little growling noises. It kinda sounds like they are laughing. Haha.

And then in the spring we are getting broilers (which are chickens) and layers and maybe some ducks. After our older dog died, the coons picked off all of our fowl. But we are getting more this year, which is exciting.

I have been suffering from insomnia. Like, I just can't sleep at night. It is ridiculous. My brain just won't settle down and I think and think and think until I black out at 2 am.

So, I guess that is everything. Valentines day is in a week. I plan to sit and watch mushy, gloppy, lame Hallmark movies with my sister. YAH. It's gonna be great.

I have a couple more things to post and I shall leave for the day. Thanks for reading this huge block of words!


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