Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fairies....They do exist....

 I know it. I'm positive. Fairies exist. You know how I know? When I got  up this morning, the floor was covered in glitter. No. It wasn't glitter. It was...PIXIE DUST!! And it was all over the place. I was all like, "A FAIRY MUST HAVE EXPLODED!!"
                     ~                                                 ~                                                 ~
 I started that a couple days ago. Finally get to finish it. The computer has been giving me problems so I blame that if I am never around here. ;)

 Anyway, I really want to thank everyone that views this blog. I look at the stats and get so excited because there are views from all around the world. I NEVER expected to have that far of a reach. I know it's nerdy to say so, but it's AWESOME! It's interesting to know that I actually throw stuff on here that people read...

  I am still trying to figure out what to sell at craft shows...I am thinking about selling my paintings. I made a really neat drippy one yesterday. I'll get that on here sometime.  Most of the time I paint, I have the radio on. Most of the time it's on Country Music. Except when the mood is "bored out of my mind."  It's funny, really, I can know the song and sing it when I only hear it once, but when it comes to studying and short term memory, I can't remember. Hehe. What kind of music do ya'll like?

One true love.... ♥
I am going to try to get some sleep tonight. I guess I am so tired that I can't sleep. Well, more time for me to get my crud done. Haha.

  Quest for today: Go to Rome, Italy. Looks like a beautiful place. ♥

Goodnight Ya'll!


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