Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stuck in my head for days...

 "Hell on Heels." By the Pistol Annies...Never can stop singing that...If only I knew more than the chorus...Heh.

 I know it's late, and I really should be in bed sleeping. But I can't ever fall asleep. Maybe I am too exhausted to sleep. Ya know what I do at 2am when I can't sleep? I draw weird Lumpy Space Princess tattoos on paper. They are really huge and 'out there' so I would never consider actually getting one... ;)

HAHAHA Check it. There. Two of the best things in one video. Muppets and Bluegrass. ♥

  Anyway, I have been on this 'no sugar' thing...I CAN'T EAT MEH TWINKIES!!! But then again, I don't really eat those on an everyday basis...That would be....DELICIOUS....

 Night ya'll. Try to get some sleep...


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