Thursday, May 10, 2012


 It seems as though I only post Tuesdays and Thursdays...Not that I purposely do it...I guess I don't get to it on other days of the week...

Anyway, last Saturday I got Demi Lavato's "Unbroken" Album:

All in all I think it was really good. I'm not really into the rap/hip hop stuff, but the slower songs like "Skyscraper," and "For the Love A Daughter," were the reason I purchased the album. "Fix A Heart," Is also a great song. It's all really different (in my opinion) from her older stuff. But nonetheless, very good. Powerful as well. 

Lately, there have been a lot of posts here including Hunter Hayes. Now, I'll try to tone it down, but I wanted to post this:

" Matt Bjorke of Roughstock gave the single three stars out of five, praising the lyrics and comparing Hayes' voice favorably to Rascal Flatts' lead singer Gary LeVox--"
 ~Wikipedia.  Hunter Hayes article. 

The first time I heard "Storm Warning" I thought it was Rascal Flatts...That's why I got all excited when somebody else thought so too! That's why I posted it. So I got my point!  A shallow victory of course...But a victory no less.

SO I'll try to be back. 

Have a great day ya'll! 

~natsu ♥

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