Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Once upon a time...There was a dreamer, a crafter, and maybe a cyclist...

Okay, to start this off, "If you ever come back" by The Script. Really great song.

Anyway, I am trying to think of things to make to bring to a craft show. I only have a couple ideas and I am still not really sure. Plus, I have never actually been to a craft show/fair before. So I don't really know what there is to make. You will find me watching The Martha Stewart show...

Once upon yesterday, I clicked through channels. Hopelessly looking for something to watch. And then BANG! SLAM! Channel 53 (I believe.) There they where. A huge group of bikes. PEOPLE on bikes. Slowly pushing up a hill. Then they all sped down the hill. Fast and in control. I was all like, COOL! And decided that I would like to at least try to do that. So long story short, I'm gonna try to ride a bike race. Not that neighborly, "I bet I can beat you to the gas station," race. A real one.

The End.
PS: I am also going to attempt to make a hatter dress. Not the Mad Hatter, but my own version of what the Hightopp clan would wear....YEAH :) And I am terrible at push-ups. Even the girly ones... :\

Goodnight ya'll.


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