Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wow!! One Thousand!!

 Hey everyone, today I checked my stats on this blog and BOOM! There were 1,000 views! SO!  A huge THANK YOU to everyone! The ones who read the blog, the ones who find a picture, to those who just skip past it looking for something else, and to those that accidently click it and then go back a page...THANK YOU! It's just super exciting! This being my first blog and all.

 I really have only done one thing blog-worthy this week though. An Avatar the Last Airbender painting. I water-colored Zuko. And then I did one of Avatar Aang. I'll post them all when I get the others done. (Katara, Sokka, Toph, Jet, and so on...) I think they're okay for someone who has never done it before. ;)

 Sadly, Hunter Hayes only made it to number 3 this week on GAC's top 20. I guess it's fine though, after 3 weeks, it was time to let someone else be number one. Oh, and Tony Stark is AWESOME! Iron Man is SO COOL! (As are the Avengers!)  But not as great as Spider-man. Which do you like better? I saw the 2002 version of the Spider-man film. I think the 2012 one is going to be epic.....OKAY...I'll stop the geekyness for today. :D

 To end this, a picture of my sweet sweet Dachshund, Ginger. ♥

Have a wonderful weekend ya'll!


PS: The other day, I saw a guy that looked just like Eric Church....Maybe it was just the sunglasses? Who knows. ♥

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