Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random knowledge, and other news.

 So, randomly, I Googled, Eric Church. Turns out, his full name is Kenneth Eric Church. I just thought it was interesting. Now I know something that I didn't know 12 hours ago! Tim McGraw's full name is Samuel Timothy McGraw...Just thought that deserved a place here as well.

  Today I saw the lyric video for Taylor Swift's new song, We will never ever get back together. From her new album, Red. The album is coming out October 22, 2012. I am really really excited. But I wonder if she is going more towards the pop route, and leaving Country...I don't know quite yet, but I think whichever path she does end up taking, the album will still be amazing. That's my opinion. I have heard every song from her 3 previous albums, and I believe that this one will be just as great, if not better. Does that make sense?

 While I am talking about music, Rolling in the Deep, by Adele is really really good. I can't express how amazing I think she is.

 Well, I am in the middle of a couple different things, so I will be back later. Maybe I will have something interesting to say.  :D

 Thanks guys ♥ Banana Pudding Ice Cream is the bomb!


PS: I am closing the Gibbs poll. Three people voted, and it seems that mustache Gibbs is a no no. Lol. I agree. The mustache was a little much, and lets face it, not Gibbs. Alright now. ☺

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