Sunday, May 19, 2013

Another Thorin thing?

 Yes, well, I will make it short. I was on Pinterest again. I seriously need to get myself to a..uh...healthier Pinterest schedule...But I found some funny Thorin things...And that makes up for all the crazy. So, there!

Well, I can honestly only point out Captian America and Tony Stark...I haven't seen The Avengers yet so I am not sure who the Eye-Patch guy is...But I thought it was so funny. I will get to The Avengers some day. I will see if the Library has it.

These. Are. True.

I guess I have been posting a little bit too "much" of Thorin. I need to post about something else. I don't know.

We shall leave that for tomorrow.

Good night.



  1. Ahahahahahahaha! Great minds, indeed. Ahahahaha... I love the one of Thorin at the door, complete with sparkles... *rolling on floor with laughter* Gotta love Bilbo's reaction. It's so accurate! Pretty much everyone was doing that...

    Eye-Patch Guy? That's Nick Fury, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Don't ask me what it stands for.) He's in the scene after the credits in Iron Man, also appears in Iron Man 2, appears in the scene after the credits in Thor, shows up at the end of Captain America, and is of course in The Avengers. Yeaaaah... most people skip the credits but Marvel movies always have something after them and so I sit through them... Yeah.... I'm obsessed... and so nerdy... I shall stop talking now...

    In Pace Christi,


  2. That was seriously my expression when the door was opened and Thorin looked up. I looked at my sister and said, and I quote, "WHOAH."

    Awesome! Now I know who Eye-Patch-Guy is. I have wanted to see The Avengers, but it's a new DVD at the library so I couldn't renew it and my brother didn't finsih it...and if it wasn't obvious...I enjoy the library...

    I don't skip the credits either. Because I like to read them. Is that strange? I like to read the cast list and the like. I stay for all of the credits during The Hobbit because I love that Misty Mountain song. That is the epitome of Magesticness!!

    That, and there are sometimes bloopers. Like on Monsters Inc. Those are awesome.

    Nerds are fantastic--