Friday, May 10, 2013

Pippin's Song.

 Now, if it wasn't mentioned before, Peregrin Took is my favorite Hobbit. I think it's because of his attitude, or his accent...I don't know. I just found out that he was the youngest...I didn't realize how Hobbits age differently...I am so bad with my LOTR knowledge...Oh geez.

I found this Sherlock video and the song on it was really cool. So my sister looked it up and found out that it was the same song that Pippin sung in Return of The King.

I looked up Pippin's song. And here it is. This was my favorite part of the third movie. Save Aragorn's wedding and Sam's wedding. ♥

I must go to bed soon. Merlin was fantastic. The dragon is getting old...I really hope that he doesn't die.

Morgana, well, she's still crazy.




  1. Yep, Pippin's 29. Hobbits come of age at 33. In the book. Merry is 37, while Sam (and Faramir) are both 36. (Depending on what you look at, as in his family tree it says he's 39. O.o) Frodo leaves Bag End the day he turns 51.

    The youngest character whose age is given would probably be Eowyn at 24. Yeesh. I don't think I'll have killed any Nazgul by the time I'm that age...

    In Pace Christi,


  2. I was wondering how old Pippin was the other day while I was doing dishes. I was thinking about a picture I saw...they were all drinking (what I assume was ale of some sort) and was wondering how old Pippin was. How old all of them were, actually. They all seem so young. The words on the images were somewhere around the lines of, "If I pass the finals" and "If I fail the finals." Either way, the picture was the 4 Hobbits with their mugs. :)

    It's a bit off topic, but I couldn't believe that Elijah Wood still looked the same after so many years! He was 19, I believe, when they filmed The Lord of The Rings...and I think 30-some when The Hobbit was filmed...I guess those who play Hobbits age just like them :D

    I still learn more every day!