Thursday, May 30, 2013

Aye, there's a picture a brewing!

 Now say it with a Scottish accent. You know you want to. :D

I find a lot of my stuff on Pinterest. I found out that my Uncle is on Pinterest...OH YAY FOR DAYS!! I basically live there. All I need to survive there is internet, a water bottle, and some oyster crackers. You know, those little octagon ones that you put in soup? I am kind of addicted to those...


This is me, everyday of my life.

This is awesome. Precious...

The comment on the bottom, and I quote, "My OCD hero, ladies and gentlemen." This comment is true. I hate it when they stack it in a mess! Because then, you cannot find what you are looking for! And then there's me. Who waits in the pharmacy straightening all the vitamin bottles on the shelf because they aren't straight...I am OCD...No, that would be CDO...Alphabetically in order.

I ripped that off of somewhere. I am not original. ~bawls~

I don't watch Spongebob. I think it's kinda...uh...really stupid. But this was funny and basically me on bad days...

This is something that relates to the last post...It's true. So you yell at your sister and the random teenager sitting on the floor by the manga shelf at the library --he's reading Bleach-- and he's like...? Never mind.....*so many feels*

This here, horrified me. I don't know why. I just...don't know why. I mean, I am not an Elvis Grandma loves him...this just struck me as...yikes. It was funny though. :O)

Oh dear...saw this and facepalmed. Really. Really? Clever wordplay, I will give them that. Oh gosh...

Speaking of Benedict Cumberbatch, I found this picture on Pinterest yesterday. Someone morphed him and Robert Downey Jr. They both play Sherlock, and this is what they got:

I thought it was pretty cool.

Pretty cool...yeah.... ^.^

I realize now, how depressed I am over the series finale of Merlin. We started BBC's Robin Hood the other day and I can't not watch it and think Thorin. It's like, in the first episode, he gives you one of those, "Thorin stares" as I call it and then everyone respects him. But I can't get over how negative his attitude is so far. It's so angry/mean almost.

But it's also hard to not sigh over Richard Armitage.
I am such a bloody fangirl.
Needless to say, Guy is my favorite character. Out of 3 whole episodes...YEAH.

 I must go now, I guess. It's late. 
 I was reading with my dying flashlight on my bed until midnight. 
 Then, in the morning, around 10:30, I fell asleep during my Science. Bacteria is boring! I got in an excellent nap though. It was so short lived--

 Oh, I forgot this awesome painting of Fili I found--

I wish I had the program and the talent to do stuff like this. I think it's amazing. Kudos to the artist!!

Man, I love it.

I am such a fangirl. 

♫I don't care! I love it!♫



  1. My comments to your lovely post (in no particular order): Is the Fili pic by Aegelif (sp?) on DeviantART? The style looks familiar. *sigh* Fili.

    Yay, it's not just me with that particular brand of OCD! I was carefully aligning books in our parish library today so that they would make a neat stack, although I knew the next person to come along would throw them all out of order AGAIN... *sigh... again*

    Elvish... Gah, what have they done to the Halfelven?

    Oh... my. RDJr and Ben Cumberbatch? Um... *stares at screen* Um... Looks like Mr. Darcy or some other guy from a Jane Austen movie. I seriously watch too many of those. I had better scroll down before I wonder where the drool on my keyboard came from...

    Richard Armitage. The end. SO HARD not to fangirl. I refuse to watch Robin Hood. Yelling, "GO NAZI GUY!" in the middle of Captain America: The First Avenger is bad enough; I don't need another annoyingly gorgeous villain to prefer to the hero. *headbang*

    In Pace Christi,


  2. Oh, I forgot to mention that the comment about being a fan with no fandom really spoke to me. I know literally four people who have ever read Ranger's Apprentice, and two of them never got past book 3. As for the Discworld series, I've never met someone else who's even heard of it.

    *insert forever alone meme face*

    In Pace Christi,


  3. Well, thank you! I honestly have no idea as to who made the Fili picture...I found it on Pinterest. Some people just have so much talent! I will try to find the artist and mention him/her. :D

    I know what you are saying about the books...I do that, only to have them come un-done later. *sigh*

    I haven't seen any of the Jane Austen movies yet...I keep picking up one from the movie shelf at the library, but I always end up putting it back because I already have to many books and such to finish. But my reaction was the same to that picture...It was

    AH I KNOW! I honestly think that I watch that show just for Richard...He's just so fangirl-able--*sigh* That and Jonas Armstrong is kinda epic...

    And about the fandom thing...I have the same problem. I actually have the first three books of The Rangers Apprentice (stolen from my brothers) and once I finish all of my library material, I may start those. Ugh. So many books, never enough hours in the day.