Thursday, September 19, 2013


 So, this evening, I watched the movie "9" with my brother and sister. Brother had seen it before and said that it was cool. So...I wanted to see it. I think that I really wanted to see it because Tim Burton worked on it and it was animated. Enough said.

 I thought it was really cool! The story was really neat! It took place in like this post-apocalyptic world, where robots had taken over and wiped out all of humanity. The scientist who had created "The Brain" or "The Machine" also created these nine dolls. He gave each doll a part of his soul. He did this because when he made the other robot, "The Brain," the robot had been corrupted by the other bad people who had been controlling it. So, by putting a bit of his self into every doll, the dolls did not get corrupted.

I think out of all of the dolls, 6 was my favorite. The twins, 3 and 4 were really cool too. All nine of the dolls (robots, actually, why do I keep calling them dolls?) were really awesome. All but 1 and 8. They were kind of jerky.

The movie was based on a short-film by Shane Acker. The DVD had the short-film on it, so we watched that too. It was really cool. The animation is better in the movie, but overall, it was still awesome.

 The whole movie was a bit creepy, but it was surprisingly awesome. I'm not much into horror and the like, but "9" was incredible. xD
This is 6. He liked to draw the pattern that was on the important little piece (I don't think it had a name). He was a bit mad, and didn't say much, but he was right all along. xD

  See? They do look like dolls. I think I may try to make some of these...

Also, here is the short-film. I found it on the You-tubers. :D Here is the link, only because I cannot attach it. The internet has been so bad lately. 9 Short Film. I am pretty sure that this is it, and I hope it works!

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