Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Merlin Post! Yes!

It has been very quiet lately around the Blogosphere...

This is a collection of pictures I have found over the course of however long it took me to find them. It may be dorky pictures of Bradley and Colin. There may be cool ones of Merlin and Morgana...Whatever I find and enjoy will be here. This is going to be a very, very, very, very, very, long post.

Gosh, I miss this show so much.


Merlin and Arthur on Baker Street. Dude!

This is awesome. The minute I saw the long coat, I knew exactly what this was a mix of. And do you see? Merlin still has his scarf!

Colin Morgan as Merlin

This one was just awesome...

It is such a good picture! And they were at ComicCon...Awww...It's strange to see them just being them, rather than seeing them be there characters...But we love them anyway. Adorable!

"I told you, I have many talents."

"I told you, I have many talents."


This was the saddest part I think in the entire series...Save for the series finale. Yeah. And when Lancelot died. Geez...They were so beautiful together...Gosh. I have to move on before I start crying.


So true. ;') I love the top photos on this. It looks like a photo booth. And they are all being dorky. I think besides the cast of The Hobbit, these guys are my favorite group of people...(THEY HAVE TEDDIE BEARS TOO!!)

The part at the end..."HE'S GONNA BURN!" Ahahaaaaaaaa...This was just too funny not to share. Colin's voice get's very loud...

.Merlin <3

Happy Arthur hehehe

Ahahaha, Arthur's face. Those were a good group of episodes. Arthur was under a spell for most of the time so people thought he was a simpleton. Merlin didn't want his true identity to be know. He was so funny during that...haha.


So...we have Colin Morgan, Bradley James, I believe it is the 11th Doctor (?) Matt Smith (?) and I am pretty sure...Cumberbatch. All with Teddie bears.....This is why we love our fandoms. ♥

Love this one. I love the one of Colin, third one down on the left.

THERE WE GO! That will hold until I can get a whole bunch of Bradley and Colin pics...



  1. TEDDY BEARS! Awww, that instantly made my day. Thanks for posting these!

    (Oh, and, yes, you go their names right!)

    In Pace Christi,


  2. You are welcome! Oh it feels good to make someones day! I thought the Teddy Bears were cute. And when I found another picture with the others...well, I just had to post it.

    Yay! I got their names right!