Monday, November 4, 2013

Spoils from Japan

My cousin, Liz, has been in Japan with her husband for the past few years now. Her husband is stationed there. And I really can’t go into much detail there because I am not sure what position he is in and the like. I think that they are coming back out to the States here in a couple months…although, don’t hold me to it if I am wrong.

ANYWAY! She has been collecting things and was finally able to send them over! And I took pictures…all of the pictures…*evil grin*

(I wrote down the words that were on the packages because they are a little hard to read.) "No idea what these are. Cookies?" They were, in fact, cookies...I think. They tasted like cookies...kind of cinnamon...they were good. 

These were also really yummy. They were like strawberry chocolate candies. They look exactly like the little pink/brown things on the box. They were really tiny, but really good.

This kind of candy tasted kind of lemony, kind of caramel-y to me. :) 

Fancy chopsticks for our instant Ramen. Yes. Haha. Still haven't used them yet though...

"I think this is candy."

I haven't eaten one of these yet, but my younger siblings say they tasted like soap. I don't even know if they are candy or what they are...Margaret said they tasted alright.

"I don't even have a guess as to what this is. I'm assuming it's edible. Let me know."

That there, was probably the most grossest thing I had ever eaten. It tasted like nothing and something at the same time. My little sister, who is 3 now, said, "Oh that is just awful." After some researching, my brother discovered that it is some sort of Yam spread to go on crackers and that it was outlawed (actually recalled) from the U.S because it is a choking hazard. We just cut it up and stuck it in our mouths and it was...yucky. So Liz, yes it is edible! But it is not yummy. 

Mario things...we really couldn't figure out what these were. They were flat and fruit flavored, and I am pretty sure that it was gum.

"The are the yummiest things ever."

They were REALLY good! I think it's funny how Mickey Mouse is much cuter in Japan than in the States...:)

This was origami paper. Cool stuff.

Wrapping paper the Lucky Cat Liz sent me was wrapped in. I thought it was funny because I am kind of into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic...and I hadn't told her that. Hehe. 

The Meneki Neko, A.K.A Lucky Cat. Meneki Neko means Beckoning Cat and it is a sort of good luck charm. 

And it's great, because it came with instructions!  Haha. 

The Cat out of the box. I do have a video of it in motion, and I have to see if I said anything stupid while filming it before I post it. Haha. We named him Muta because he kind of looked like Muta from the Cat Returns.

We found this on the Chopsticks a couple days after getting the box. AND OH MAN! did we laugh! 

"For receiving guests warmly at birthday parties or something."

OMGOSH that is funny. "Or Something."

*goes to check video of the Lucky Cat*

*face-palms because I say the dumbest things*

*then I sit back and wonder, is my voice really that deep?*

*posts video of Muta*

*video didn't load and I closed it so as to not burn anymore bandwidths*

*makes a mental note to try to post it again.


Well, I suppose it would be funny if I ran that video for as long as Muta was going because he doesn't stop...that is, if Fili doesn't get up on my shelf and whack him across the room...

 I cannot believe that it is already November!

Now, I should be blogging normally again. I will see you again.


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