Monday, November 18, 2013

Stuff...and Cats.

Ginger and Fili have decided to play a game of chase. I just hope they don't end up going into my room and messing it up. Then again...I don't think it could get any messier. *sigh* I have to do la-la-laaundry. Oh. And now the cat climbed up that chair and then launched himself off of it. I hope he doesn't hurt himself.

Anyway, today I got a new poster. I haven't actually seen Iron Man 3, but I wanted an Iron Man poster. And that was the one I could find at the store. Still haven't gotten my Loki one yet. *sadface* But I am going to get that one off of Ebay at some point. Hopefully before the year is up. (Fili just launched himself off the spinning chair onto my brothers top-bunk and then threw his body off of the bed. And Bilbo decided to join in.)

I had said goodbye to Merida and put up my Iron Man poster. YAY.


And after:

You will also notice that the wall has changed colors! We painted our room this summer. (The paint spots on the ceiling tell that we did it ourselves without Dad's help.) My Akatsuki robe is in the first picture too. I like that robe. :D AND it is kind of cool how the blue/heart/thing looks like its glowing! How sweet is that?

(We had a Tornado watch yesterday and the internet went out. So I am finishing this post up today.)

And now I really can't remember what I was going to post last night. I stayed up until they cleared the warning. So I was up until 12am.

The 50th Doctor Who Anniversary special is (if I am correct) coming on Saturday. Except, our cable doesn't have BBC America and the nearest Cinema that is playing it is in Philadelphia...and I doubt Mom would want to drive Margaret and I six hours to go see something she is not even into. But then...


We shall be waiting until it is on DVD.

On a much less depressing note, MOM BOUGHT NUTELLA TODAY!!!

I have never had Nutella, but Margaret is making a Nutella pie for Thanksgiving...I can't wait to taste it. The Internet makes it seem like it is the equivalent of eating a rainbow, puking up unicorns, then eating those unicorns and then having those taste like babies, happiness and more happiness.


But even though I have never had it, this is what I felt like:

I babysat and cleaned all day so I am tired.

I am going to finish up on the computer and go watch Once Upon a Time.


~~*yawn* Anne~

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