Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Who's Better: Thor or Loki? TV Spot.

Ya'll know those AT&T commercials? Hmm? For example, there is the one with the little girl, and the guy is all, "Are you competing for the cutest kid here?"

Little girl, "Yes."

Guy, "And what place are you in?"

Little girl, "Kindergarten."

Guy, "That is adorable."

Yeah. Those commercials.

Anyway, I found one with Loki! Yes, people, this is what I do with my free-time. We are currently on Thanksgiving break so I have time for stuff like this.

But, I guess Comedy Central (something I don't watch on a daily basis) did some sort of parody spot with Loki. I found it quite funny. I love how the ginger was going on about how he was rude. I know that Tom Hiddleston isn't like that in real life...I believe he is quite good with kids.


I just found this funny.

Goodnight, everyone.


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