Friday, November 29, 2013


Meh. This isn't really the face Mom made, but I drew it anyway. LOL



  1. Awesome whiteboard drawing skills! I love the stick figures (and especially the glasses). I'm afraid that my Pinterest page would look like that if I ever got one... if I weren't trying so hard to *not* fangirl. It's a losing battle... *sigh*...

    In Pace Christi,


  2. Thanks! I can't really draw anything but stick figures on a whiteboard because I tend to erase a lot when I draw. The glasses are fun to do. Mine aren't as square (but the used to be!) though I draw them like that. I have tried not to fangirl, and my Pinterest was pretty slow-going to start with, but then I started following boards with just the actors...and I really couldn't care less how bad of a fangirl I am. Haha.


  3. That is awesome! I love whiteboard drawings. I really like your stick figures, very funny.

    (This is Geek's friend by the way, just in case you didn't know :P)

  4. Thanks Cody! I think that they are funny. I used to draw comics out of them and they were called "The Annoying Sock Band." Evidently, (if that is the right word) there were sock puppets in the comic...but they didn't have a band. Haha.

    Yeah. I recognized you. Thanks for looking at my blog! :)