Monday, November 4, 2013

My Weekend.

I wanted to do something special for my 250th published post. I wasn’t sure what would be good, but I thought that maybe I would save it until my birthday. That way, I could just tell of that…and maybe it would be interesting. So here I am, writing down how my weekend went. Enjoy.

Well, Friday was my birthday. And since it was also All Saint’s Day (which is a Holy day) we went to church after Dad got home. It was a high mass, so that means that there is more singing from the choir and priest than in a usual low mass like the ones on Sunday morning. Overall, it was how high masses are. The choir, I think, needed a little more practice…but they were okay. Not to be mean, but they haven’t been very good since they changed the director. I mean, it could just be me being bitter because of, well, I was “let go” so to speak, years ago from the choir. It was some security debacle and a lot of the original choir members left when that happened. It hasn’t been the same since. But, one of my best friends, Mr. Cook, still sings, if not in the choir loft. I think he is nearing 80 years…now? Love him. One of the singers in Il Divo has a voice just like his. Maybe when I find the song, I will point it out. Because that’s what he sounds like.

ANYWAY! It was pretty late when we got home—as it has always been—so not much happened after that. On Saturday, I went with my parents to dinner at a place called Bakers Square. They have amazing pie there. The food is great too, but sometimes the portions are just HUGE! Really yummy pie. It was a fun time. Then we went and did usual shopping and stopped at a craft store for a moment. I found the flickering, battery powered tea candles I was looking for! My Gram had some a couple years ago, and I thought that they were awesome. I think she even gave me one and I put it in my bedroom window at Christmas time. She, however, had ordered them from QVC and I wasn’t sure if I could get them anywhere else, but I did! So, I scored. Yah. Scored. 

I haven't opened this yet, but it was something my Gram gave me. She sort of gets a pack of Baklava every year for's great...Thanks Gram! :D

Its awful fun going shopping with my parents because Mum goes into (with all due respect, of course) shopping mode, and Daddy and I just goof around. We somehow made it out with 4 bags of marshmallows. And I got blamed because I am the one with the marshmallow problem. Hehe.

These are the huge mallows he found. I think, at the end of the day, we ended up with a bag of these, two bags of pumpkin ones and a bag of regular marshmallows.. :)

Since it too got late on Saturday, on Sunday, after we got home from church, Mum and Margaret and I went to Dairy Queen and got an Ice-Cream cake. I don’t think that there was actual cake in it though. Come to think of it, I haven’t had an actual birthday cake for a few years now at least. I just love those ice cream ones…

My yummy, pretty Ice Cream cake. By far, DQ has the best Ice Cream cakes. The only real reason I get them is for the cookie stuff at the bottom. YUM.

The piece was much bigger that I had anticipated. Hehe...yummy.

AT THE END OF ALL THAT! My whole family sat down and watched Monsters University. It was AWESOME because we hadn’t really had a movie night like that since the first Monsters Inc. was out! That was so many years ago! The movie was great; very funny. My mum is not really into animated stuff so it was cool that she stuck around…then again, she did watch Brave with us…and I am forcing her into watch LOTR because my uncle and cousin refuse too…hmmm.

It was kind of annoying/funny what my brother did the night before. He made me stay up until midnight so that it was technically my birthday so he could give me his gift.

OMGOSH IT WAS A SONIC SCREWDRIVER!!!! AND IT LIGHTS UP!!! LIGHTS UP!!! Soooo…that was awesome. Now I am ready to cosplay as the Eleventh Doctor. YAY!

I also received two DVDs from my sister. It was Pride and Prejudice, the 2005 version with Kiera Knightly, and North and South, the one with Richard Armitage in it. (Cue Mordecai’s openmouth surprise face here.) EXCITEMENT!! I have already seen that version of North and South twice…that’s like eight hours of show…it was in the same week too… :)


It was awesome.

I have also decided that I am going to use my real name on this blog now. I had used the pen-name “Natsu” because I was a bit younger when I started this blog, and my mum didn’t want my name out there. So, everyone, my real name is Anne. *cue realization music* I will be signing my posts with “Annie” from now on. I don’t know if I will change my Pinterest name, though. I may just keep that the same.  Natsu is the Japanese word for Summer, if my memory is correct. It’s the Japanese name my friends gave me (or rather, the one I chose) when I entered the Naruto fandom.


Well, speaking of Japanese things…I have a great post that includes stuff like that!



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  1. Happy belated birthday, Annie! :) :) :) Have fun with your sonic screwdriver - I've seen them before and thought they would be fun to play around with. XD

    North and South... oh, goodness. I've never seen that. I may just have to do that someday!

    In Pace Christi,