Friday, January 3, 2014

Doctor Who at Comic Con 2009--Bonus Feature Screenshots

The other day, I believe it was actually two days after Christmas, we watched the last of David Tennant on Doctor Who. Before that, while we were waiting for holds to be filled, we ended up watching two seasons of Matt Smith before we even saw the last final episodes of the Tenth Doctor. When we were done with that, we kind of needed something so that we didn't go away completely depressed. That's when we found the bonus features.

These shots I snipped out of the whole Comic Con segment because I found them the most humorous.

They were taking questions:

Random Guy: I’m sad to see you go. But is there any possibility that you would come back for some charity specials or even a movie?

I think, in reality, David Tennant is a REAL Timelord. He had seen this in the future and then had come back to deny it at Comic Con so that no one would know that he was a Timelord in real life.

My theory is without fail. Yeah.

In one of the pictures, I had drawn a little red arrow because I couldn't get over the look on Russel's face. Then the one under it, David looks a bit panicked. Haha.

Then he's all. "Don't Twitter that."


I red arrowed this one because he was pouting. Pouting. Hahaha.

The only thing my mind could think of was a sad gif of Chris. The Ninth Doctor was really awesome. I mean, everyone who comes here knows that Ten is my favorite, but I really did like Christopher Eccleston. He was great. :)

Naw, you know what, Chris would look more like this:


I was going through my Doctor Who screenies and found this one.

That was from the episode when Martha Jones came in. And, for me, it was the second episode of  Doctor Who I had seen... :) He was talking about Benjamin Franklin and electricity. Let me see if I have the whole thing.


Yes, well, now I have to go. This has been the second post of 2014! Doctor Who and The Hobbit. What a way to start another year on the blog.

Be back soon!


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