Wednesday, March 27, 2013

T'was the day before dieting...

...and all through the house, my sister makes muffins with apples and such. The diet was hung until tomorrow with care. And I wonder, in the morning, will I find it there? NOPE.


In other news, The Voice is my new favorite show! I think they are all so stinking hilarious!! Shakira and Usher are new to this season, but I think I may only watch it for the banter between Adam and Blake! I mean, I love listening--and judging--the contestants sing...But the judges are what I really watch it for. LOL

Now something to make this sad blog post worth something. I mean, look at their faces. Aragorn is like, "really?" LOLED for days...still am. The king is like that too...they all are. "Really? For real?" Not amused. :)

Love it.
My sister sends me funny LOTR stuff that she finds. Yay

Well, I'll be back...eventually.

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