Friday, June 14, 2013


I saw the trailer for The Desolation of was EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC...but I have one note...

This man. Doesn't he look like William Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean?

I know, it's a horrible screenshot, but the video was going to fast, and any other time I paused it, he was making a stupid face because he was talking.

Well, Captain Jack Sparrow is there

Anyway, onto other things, it looks like we are going to see waaaaaaay more Elves. Which is awesome, because I really enjoyed the Elves in the LoTR movies. Their outfits are amazing!

Then, the colors are INCREDIBLE! The browns and the blues (did you see those butterflies?!) The greens are awesome...overwhelmingly awesome colors...

And of course, Thorin is there. So...will we have him smile at all? I noticed that about Sir Guy of Gisborne as well. Those characters DO NOT SMILE. Okay, so Guy smiles sometimes...but it's more of  a haha, I win, you are all going to die at the Sheriffs hand and yada yada. I am better than all of you.
It's actually more of a smirk than anything...a smirk. Not a smile. BUT that wasn't the point...

Then, there is the dragon. We didn't see much, but the animation looks pretty epic. The animation in all of this trailer looked epic. It was epic in the first Hobbit movie. The orcs never looked better...The hedgehog that Radagast saved was epic. And it just keeps getting better.

But I have seen Computer Generated dragons before. Once, actually.

John Hurt voiced the dragon on Merin. 
The animation on that show wasn't very great in the begining, but as the series progressed, it got better. So, I believe that the animation--in this movie rather than in a show-- is going to be epic.

Other things...There are a ton of new locations, and the camera angles are incredible.

I believe I have said enough.

Oh yay.


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  1. That's Bard the Bowman in the first screenshot. not Bard the Boatman, as my sister at first believed (it was an honest mistake). Yes, he DOES look like Will Turner. Everyone is saying that, hilariously enough when Orlando Bloom is also in the movie. Lol. But we'll see how it all turns out. *fingers crossed*