Thursday, June 6, 2013

“There is nothing to fear, but fear itself!”

(A post written on June 4th. Pardon me, the internet has been been more out than in these last couple days. So I have been typing up posts in my Microsoft Word...The internet always seems to go out when I get on here. I haven't been able to really see any pictures or any blogs. I guess the server just can't take the awesome. ~smile~)

It’s been two days and all I have been mentally doing is pondering on about the villains in Batman. One of my favorites is Dr. Jonathan Crane, (portrayed by Cillian Murphy in the Batman movies. From Batman Begins to The Dark Knight Rises.) I have mentioned him once before I believe, and I don’t think it would be a crime to mention him again…Today is not that day, however.

I have other things to think about.

But…I was pretty excited when I learned that he was in the third one. That was about 3 minutes ago. And there I was, jumping around my room humming loudly in an excited girly fashion. I am sure that the fish was wondering where the sudden and horrifying earthquake came from and why. My poor Avalon; he never saw it coming.

Now, I don’t know why the villains in Batman are so amazing. I think it’s because they have their backstories; they have their own ideas of how the world should be; and some of them are just a little…crazy.


Enough of that, I shouldn’t even be talking about it. I haven’t read one comic and I have only seen one of the older movies, (the one where Jim Carrey is The Riddler.) I don’t deserve to go on about it.

I need to start watching these DC and MARVEL things…

I have seen all of the three Spiderman movies.

Well, most of them.


Spiderman is pretty cool though.

I WATCH JUSTICE LEAGUE! *mutter mutter*

*sigh again*
I need to get better material for this blog. Ahahaaa.

When the lights come back on the router, you will find this post here.


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