Friday, June 7, 2013

I Must Stay off of the Internet.

 Well, earlier this week I had followed Adam Brown on Twitter and there were a lot of people saying that he would make an awesome 12th doctor. Honestly I have only seen pictures of Doctor Who on the Pinterest and I haven't watched any of it...but I totally and completely agree! He would make a stupendous Doctor!

 What brought this on, you ask? I have been meaning to post about the twitter stuff and how I agreed with it...and this picture here reminded me about it.

Heheeeeeeeeeee. I found this on Elyse's blog...Seriously, you have to check out this particular post. If I had a chance to say anything about this particular group of people...well, she already did it, so I would just be wasting my time. Haha. No, seriously, what a better way to say that that post made me smile (a smile that will last all weekend) than to actually mention it. And not just comment on the post. ~Evil laugh~

But I seriously, SERIOUSLY need one of those shirts...

My lack of good blog innards is a problem I have faced over these past couple days. The internet won't let Pinterest load, meaning no funny pictures...

I guess that will be another post.
I am going to go spend 3 hours on Pinterest and find some good stuff.

~A very happy Natsu~

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  1. I don't watch Doctor Who, either, but I have a friend who does. I agree! Adam Brown would make a great doctor - I could at least take him more seriously than Ron Weasley. And just THINK of all the awesome crossovers that would spawn!!!!

    Seriously. I want this to happen now.

    Oh, and THANK YOU for mentioning my blog. *bows* I am at your service.

    P. S. That Aidan & Dean post is coming - I am still accumulating pictures. XD

    In Pace Christi,