Tuesday, June 25, 2013

May I just Rant On?

 ****SPOILERS AHEAD Concerning BBC’s Robin Hood****

Guy of gisborne photo SirGuy1.jpg

 Okay, out of all the things Gisborne has done, he has somehow stayed on my list of the top 3 favorite characters of the show. I always sat down to watch the show with the mindset that he maybe he would change in this episode. Maybe he would finally defeat the Sheriff or give up his lust for power or something. I had hoped that he would somehow become good…But now, even though he still continues to be on the favorite list (and I blame this on the fact that I think Richard Armitage is Bloody awesome) Gisborne did something in the last episode of the second season that I don’t think I can overlook. He killed Marian.

 Starting from the beginning of my story, Robin Hood has quickly become a favorite show. The beginning of the first episode was a little weird, but it doesn't stay like that. The show gradually gets better and better. The characters grow immensely as the seasons play out. I know I am terribly late, seeing as though this show came out in 2006 and finished in 2009, but we needed a new BBC show after Merlin ended. That may sound a little dramatic, but there is really nothing on American TV (drama-wise) that is any good. So do you see my point?

Anyway, so we ripped through the first season.  In the first couple episodes, the editing was a bit choppy, bouncing from scene to scene and the like, but it got better. I mean, I don’t really know that much about editing, but I know when it doesn't work. But that leaves during the middle of the first season. Since then, the editing has been fine. The costumes we thought were a bit weak until we watched the behind the scenes. That is where the costume designer explained that they were going for a more modern look. They wanted the costumes to be something that the modern kids nowadays would maybe like to wear. Honestly, if I was able to pull the dresses off as amazing as Marian did, I would only wear those. (Save for the times I would wear Susan’s Narnian dresses and ANYTHING that Arwen wore.) But then we (we being my sister and myself, of course) were nodding our heads, “Yeah.” When they explained that the costumes were supposed to be more modern and more like the clothes people wear today, it totally worked. And we saw it. It worked completely.

The characters are awesome. Much, Will, Djaq*, Allen, John, and of course Robin Hood, make the perfect team. In the beginning, it was only Much and Robin coming back from the war in the Holy Land. As the first season progresses, we see the gang begin to form. We meet Will Scarlet pretty early on, and we see Allen A Dale in the first episode. He was running away from guards, if I can remember that correctly. Robin basically saved his life. Sister and I figured out a system with their gang. If one dies, another will soon come to take its place. That’s how Djaq came in. I cannot believe how amazing she looked in season 2. Don’t take it as me being weird, but she was kick-butt! Amazing!

 I could go on and on about the characters, they are all greatly written. I don’t like the Sheriff, but he’s the villain, so I don’t know if you are really supposed to like villains or not. I saw this thing on Pinterest, it was the Genie from Disney’s Aladdin and the words were, “Villains are EVIL.” Then it was like, “Unless they are…” we all pretty much could guess where that goes. And he finished with, “They’re just misunderstood.” And that pretty much goes for Gisborne I guess. Eheheh.

I am done talking about the show itself. It’s amazing and we went through the first two seasons really quickly. Obviously, we don’t understand the idea of pacing ourselves. It was a bit sad learning that there were only three seasons, but after certain characters go, the story can only go so far. I am pretty sure that I caught the name of one of the writers that worked on Merlin on one of the credits in the beginning of Robin Hood. I think it was Julian Jones, but I am not sure. Again, the story can only go so far. It’s better having 3 seasons of a well-written show than having 7 weak seasons with a watered down story. Much like, well, any Sit-Com on Disney Channel. Bleh. Those don’t even have stories really…That’s Sit Coms for you.

But I came here for my real rant, so here it goes. I applaud you if you made it this far. :)

 Gisborne had always been a bit hard on the outside. We did catch bits of pieces of him showing actual emotion. Examples being when he was scared for Marian or when she said something that brought a little bit of relief to his mind. We go on and he is trying to get her to marry him. Everyone knows that she was Robin Hood’s from the beginning, and I don’t disagree with this, even though I kind of had hope for Guy and Marian. But Robin and Marian were so perfect together, so it’s okay to crush my dreams. Haha.
 Anyway, he did get a little better, but then there were the things he did. I understand Marian’s reasons because, that kind of stuff just doesn't get easily forgiven.



v  He burned her house to the ground. On orders of the Sheriff, however, and he did say that he would take it back if he could. Marian and her ill father Edward were under house-arrest at the castle and Edward was living in the dungeon...My point still stands. He could have chosen to defy the Sheriff and he could have chosen against burning the house. Fact is, he didn't.

v  He stabbed her. Which wasn't really his fault because he didn't know it was her. Marian was being the Night Watchman and Guy was just trying to get him. Now that I think about it, basically everything he did was on orders of the Sheriff. His goal was to get power and wealth so he could show Marian that he could provide for her.  Marian ended up surviving this only because Djaq was able to fix her up. That episode was awful. It’s worse seeing Jonas Armstrong (Robin) crying than it was seeing Colin Morgan (Merlin) cry. And that’s horrible seeing Merlin cry. Seeing Robin and Marian was like watching Merlin and Freya all over again. OH THE HORRIBLE SADNESS. THE FEELS

And then there is just the fact that Gisborne is mean and demanding. Overall, he was a pretty good Villain/trying not to be a villain character. And he is still pretty good. But I Could. Not. Believe. That he would kill Marian. Not in a thousand years. He had tried so hard to win her heart—and he did get to the point where he almost married her…but she left him at the altar.

 I honestly screamed, and forgive my English, WHAT THE BLOODY HECK WAS THAT!!?????

It was unbelievable that he would actually take her life. He had saved it once before. When he found that she was the Night Watchman.  The penalty for that—because it was basically what Robin’s gang did, steal from the rich to feed the poor—was death. But Guy didn't want her to die. So he had Allen (who was on his team by then) pose as the Watchman so that she didn't have to die. The Night Watchman just “escaped.”

 I suppose that’s the end of my rant. Mother says not to get sad over the deaths of characters, but I cannot help it. IT WAS MARIAN.

*This was only about the characters, not the actors; all of the actors were amazing. ~wink~
You are so amazing Richard Armitage. ♥

Thank you.


--Updated two days later--*It's actually spelled "Djaq." I had wrongly assumed that it was spelled Jack, and for this I apologize. It has, however, been fixed. :)


  1. I suppose the good/bad thing about learning about your TV shows from TVTropes is that I highlight all the spoilers and so I'm never surprised when someone starts ranting about something in their fandom. I'd probably be ranting along with you, but I haven't actually seen the show. Because I looked it up on TVTropes.

    Please don't hate me for this, but when you started blogging about BBC Robin Hood it was like watching a train wreck for me, since I knew what was going to happen. I used to be bad about spoilers; I try not to be now.

    So here I am, unable to be as sympathetic as I should since I haven't actually seen the show, but I will sit here and rant with you about characters who have the potential for so much awesomeness who decide to ruin it. Because it has happened to me, too. In multiple fandoms.

    And then there's the characters who die because they are good, but not good enough for the situations they've been thrown in.

    Pass the Kleenex.

    In Pace Christi,


  2. Hmmm...I have never heard of TVTropes...I try very hard to stay off of anyplace on the internet that could potentially spoil any show I am currently watching. For example, when the series finale of Merlin came out in America, the English already saw it so Pinterest was full of, "I can't believe Gwaine died," or, "Watching him die was worse than watching Arthur die." OH I couldn't believe it! It was disappointing to have it I try not to follow the Robin Hood things. Except, you know, to get cool pictures of the cast. Hehe.

    I also try not to spoil anything for anyone else because I know what it feels like to know what's gonna happen. It's kinda a sad and, "I don't really want to see this anymore," kind of feeling.

    And really, Guy had SO MUCH potential. We were watching the behind the scenes and the creators and Richard Armitage were explaining that on the outside, he was and I quote Richard, "Like a robot." They were saying that if you were to get a little bit deeper into him, he was this compassionate dude with feelings like a real person. I was just waiting for him to grow in that way, and I had hoped that he would have a chance with Marian, but it didn't happen. But, as I am having this explained to me, I realized, that it was the character, and the actor did SUCH a good job portraying this character. Guy was an extremely unfeeling, difficult character to do...and I guess my point is that I was hoping he would change. You know, be that good guy we knew he had in him.

    In the end, it wasn't to be.

    I don't know why any of them died (besides seeing them in other shows after the character was killed off.)

    Sadly, we are out of Kleenex...We used it up. Oh wait, I found more.