Friday, April 4, 2014

As of Late Obsessions.

  1. Disney's Frozen  
I have seen this movie maybe three times now, and I bought the soundtrack too. It's such a great movie!! It's funny and the music and actors are SPLENDID! And Olaf is funny, so, so, funny. 
     2.  Sherlock

So, I don't know why I am so obsessed with this show. It's just so well written. But now, I have learned, that is seems that we will have to wait like, two years before there are any new episodes!! I have two more to watch, but I may just stretch them out over that amount of time. WOW. I don't know, I really have come to enjoy Benedict Cumberbatch, and I don't know why. He's just so cool! 

     3.  Word Searches

I honestly have always loved word searches. Like, those HUGE books you buy and then do and then forget about them when you were a child, and then, 5 years later you find one? And then it's like, "YEAH!" Word Searches!!! I am almost done with the one I have and last night I found a Chicken Soup for the Soul word search in a pile of stuff on my shelf. So, I am super excited about that.

     4.  Anime Music

I am watching this anime called Clannad, and I have to say, it is one of the cutest, saddest, most heart-breaking animes I have ever watched. I have about 6 more episodes before it's over and I'll post more after that. But the music on that is so great. My brother actually found the tutorial to Nagisa's theme, which also happens to be the Dango theme. I am going to learn that on the piano one day.

But I have come to enjoy the music on all sorts of anime. Even on video games and stuff. For example, if you are watching a Shonen anime, like Naruto or Bleach or Rurouni Kenshin, the music is pretty action-y and a little harder than most.

If you are watching a Shojo anime, like Clannad, or Fruits Basket, or something girly like that, the music is gonna be very pretty and girly.

    5.  Pinterest

We finally got new internet so I can be on Pinterest more now. I have almost four thousand pins. I have to really find something else to do.

And that's about it. I am into Historical Fiction and I am currently reading a book that is a lot like Downton Abbey. 

I really need to find some new books and manga. I am only on book 6 of FullMetal Alchemist and I really should get back into that. 'Cept at the time, I was also reading Fruits Basket. My cousin reads manga like crazy, so I am trying to keep up.



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  1. Ahahaha, I just read volumes 19-21 of FullMetal Alchemist today. It only gets more epic, I promise you...

    In Pace Christi,