Thursday, November 8, 2012

Believe it!

  Not to go ranting about Naruto again...but really, that’s what’s been happening. Finally at Volume 29 of the Naruto manga, we (brother and sister and I) moved on to watching the Naruto anime. Me being a freak about scheduling and spoilers, we agreed to read all of the original manga, and when we got to—what is called Shippuden in the anime, technically Part 2—in the book, we would begin to watch Part 1 of Naruto. So I collected from the libraries, 20 hours and two seasons of Naruto. Part 1!

   To break that down, we do an hour a day, which would equal to two episodes every evening…after Jeopardy of course. Earlier last year, I was basically introduced to Naruto from one of my buddies. So I tried to get into it, ya know, to see what it was like. I hadn't however, been able to get it until earlier this summer.
   So I pretty much enjoy it. There are some things that ya maybe could do without…Like Jiriaya’s hobby—if you watch/read it, you know what I mean—and some jutsu that Naruto does sometimes. But other than that, I like the story, and more importantly, for me, the characters. I like it when you get a bunch of characters that are, “complex “is the word I use. Characters that have an important place in the story, a back-story, reasons for what they feel, etc…My list could go on and on. Anyway, back to the point -you’re not stuck with 5 main characters and then you’re done.

  For me, I spend more time watching the lighting change, or how certain things are shadowed, or how Masashi Kishimoto does bridges of noses and sides of faces. Because I can’t do that! That’s why it’s so fascinating to me! It is something that I have always wanted to do! So I spend more time looking and taking mental notes at how everything is drawn than actually watching the show. Of course then, I have to go back and look at what I missed while scribbling down notes.

While I was typing this, I realized that I did draw the side of Orochimaru’s face. Let me see. 
Copyright Laws apply.

  Yeah, so I upped the contrast and took the brightness down a peg. It was too light to see in the picture. (I took it with the computer web-cam, so it wasn’t that great in the first place. But it does look dramatic now. Haha.) It is actually facing the other way in real life, but again, the camera angle. I can’t draw in the right direction anyway. I don’t know why though…only left…I thought it was pretty good though. LOL. But there is ALWAYS room for improvement. :)

  Well, I think I am pretty much done with my Naruto rant…Really, besides that; I have been working on my Dialogue in my writing. Turns out that Dialogue can be used for many things besides just having a conversation. Like, it can be used to describe things, the setting, it can be used to move the story along, and all kinds of things! Dialogue by Gloria Kempton, is the book I am reading.

  Am I the only one who has “Like a Surgeon” by Weird Al Yankovic stuck in my head? It only takes one word to trigger that song…SO thumbs up to the Weird Al fans. Hehe.

Until I can think of cool things to write about,


PS: Naruto says “BELIEVE IT” at least 5 times in each episode. Figured it would make a good title ^.^

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