Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Oh The Thinks I Can Think!

**In response to something earlier, a comment and such, I was able to find a ComicCon video with Benedict Cumberbatch. So, there is something about a cabbage, a helicopter, and some tea? Was this the right one? It was certainly entertaining. Hehe.**

 Hello Blogging world! It has been a while since I had blogged and let me tell you, I have missed it! My weekend was incredibly packed with relatives and party preparations and the like. Cousins are making their last appearance tomorrow, and then that will be the end of the reunions until next summer! It was a most enjoyable weekend. I got to meet, three new cousins. Including a wife, a husband, and the cutest baby I have ever seen that goes by the name of Natalie. I swear, if I hadn't another cousin--actually, they are both second cousins--who was equally as cute, Natty would be the cutest child ever.

 Now, I apologize, but we must get back to the regularly scheduled nerdiness and fangirling this blog usually hosts.

First off, we got a new still from the up-and-coming season of Avatar: The Legend of Korra. This one is of the first Avatar, Avatar Wan. Observe:

My thought? HE HAS A BOLIN NOSE!!!!! I don't know why, but I absolutely adore Bolin's nose. It's even more fun to draw. The thing with this was, take away Wan's beard, cut the hair a bit, and re-color his eyes and you have Bolin! I cannot express in words how excited I am for this new season of A: LOK. It is going to be amazing. I heard somewhere that the release date is rumored to be September 7 of this year...Now, I don't know if this is accurate, but fingers crossed it is!

Secondly, I was wondering if Richard Armitage realizes how many fangirls he actually has...And how most of them are half his age. I think it's wonderful.

Thirdly--if thirdly is a thing--I have gotten back on Pinterest after a very long vacation from it...YAY!

 I shall be back.


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  1. That sounds like it was the right video!!! XD

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